Little Bit’s First Pic

April 23

We had Little Bit #2’s first ultrasound today, and nothing can compare to the flood of relief a mother feels when she hears that heartbeat for the first time. Little Bit’s heart beats were strong at 171, and he or she was measuring right on track for eight weeks.

When I was pregnant with Charlotte, our first ultrasound wasn’t until 10 weeks so she was VERY active in the womb. Though this Little Bit didn’t move as much (simply because he or she is two weeks younger), we were able to visibly see the heart beat as well as get a little wiggle out of him or her. Needless to say, my heart melted.

In addition to having Ryan in the room, Charlotte was with us. This was the first that she was seeing or hearing of the baby, and I think she was a little confused/a tiny bit enthralled by it all. We also discovered that she was VERY concerned about what was going on with me during our entire doctor visit. If I left to go to the bathroom, she asked where I was the whole time, and when I left with the doctor for my exam, she threw the most epic fit of her lifetime for the entire time I was gone. Poor Ryan. And poor Charlotte.

At this point, we are so overjoyed. I can’t believe this is happening after the long year we’ve had waiting and dreaming. Though we feel a bit more cautious this time around, we also feel a great deal of peace. We’re having another baby!

Hello, Little Bit!
Hello, Little Bit!
I'm not one to wish the summer and fall months away, but can it be the holiday season yet?! I want to hold you!
I’m not one to wish the summer and fall months away, but can it be the holiday season yet?! I want to hold you!

Bumpdate: 8 Weeks

(Technically, I'm 9 weeks in the photo -- don't be mad.)
(Technically, I’m 9 weeks in the photo — don’t be mad.)

Size of Baby: Kidney Bean
Total Weight Gain: 3 pounds


How I’m Feeling (Physically): Very nauseous, weak, exhausted and prone to headaches.
How I’m Feeling (Emotionally): Excited that we’re pregnant with Little Bit #2!

Positives: So many positives — we’re pregnant!!! It’s been a long wait, and we’re just relieved that things are going so smoothly. We also have our first ultrasound this week!
Negatives: I don’t remember feeling this bad when I was pregnant with Charlotte. Though I haven’t been physically sick, the nausea is sometimes pretty overwhelming. I also get weak and clammy easily, so needless to say I’ve been taking things easy (hence the three pound weight gain already — oh well).

Pregnant with Charlotte (left) vs. Pregnant with Little Bit #2 (right). The dress is a little more snug this time around!
Pregnant with Charlotte (left) vs. Pregnant with Little Bit #2 (right). The dress is a little more snug this time around!

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks (Cont.)

We had our weekly exam this afternoon, and contrary to last week, we walked out a little more hopeful that we’ll be meeting Little Miss Charlotte any day now!

But first, the bad news…I’ve gained three pounds since my visit last week! I thought I was supposed to be steadying out now and even losing weight, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The nurse had a little party for me at the scale because I hit the 150 mark. I, however, was not partying…

Anyway, a woman at work this morning remarked that my belly keeps dropping like crazy, and there was proof of her intuition at my exam today. The doctor said her head is really low; she literally exclaimed, “Whoa, her head is really low!” I’m also 70% effaced and nearly two centimeters.

At the start of the appointment, we were talking with her about scheduling an induction for November 16, but after my exam, she said she’d be surprised if we made it that far. In fact, she seemed to think that we could be meeting our baby girl next week. She also remarked that we have a very happy baby, judging by the heartbeat.

So fingers crossed, say prayers and send happy thoughts our way — we’re ready to meet you, Charlotte, and we promise you’ll be WAY happier out here in the real world!

Tiny Dancer

Today, we had our first ultrasound and OB appointment. There was a bit of confusion when we arrived because we had made our initial appointment through Prentice Hospital and not directly with the doctor’s office. So for about 15 minutes there, we thought we weren’t going to get the ultrasound.

But our doctor’s office was extremely accommodating and snuck us in for an ultrasound before their first scheduled one of the day.

And boy, was our baby dancing up a storm! Even the technician was blown away by how much Little Bit was moving around — I guess he/she was just showing off for Mom and Dad.

Ryan's favorite -- the disembodied head.

As far as the doctor and ultrasound technician could tell, our dancing baby is a healthy baby. Everything couldn’t have gone more smoothly (minus the mishap at the start), which was great for this first-time Mom’s nerves.

Oh…and our due date was confirmed: November 12!