Amelia: 7 Months


Dear Amelia,

Another month has come and gone! Each day, you seem a little bigger, and our little infant Amelia is disappearing right before our eyes. It’s a good thing we know that this raising a child gig only gets better — otherwise, we’d be heartbroken. It’s going by too quickly!

You are such a loving little girl. Not only do you love being held, but you love snuggling down on our shoulders when you’re being shy, coy or tired. When you’re not laying sweetly on our shoulders, you’re crawling all over us, grabbing our faces or pulling hair.

Your relationship with Charlotte grows every day too. You used to just sit and watch everything she did. Now, your face lights up as soon as you hear her voice (even from the other room), and when she’s nearby, you just want to be near her, touching her. Charlotte loves this newfound attachment and is interacting with you more and more every day as well.

You are still a most excellent sleeper, though you don’t love having to sleep somewhere else. Your crib is very clearly one of your favorite places — which I totally understand. Going to sleep is my favorite too! This has been a month of trying new things as well — like real food and drinking from a sippy cup.

Right now, your laugh is pretty much our favorite thing about you. You crinkle your nose and laugh through it, making a sort of huffing noise. It’s the cutest! And we love to see this more humorous side of you.

Keep growing, baby girl! We’re loving each new phase and getting to know you a little more. You’re the sweetest, Amelia Rose!



Mom and Dad


Weight: 16 lbs
Height: 26 in
Clothing size: 6 – 9 month clothes mostly but she can still wear some of her 3 – 6 month clothes.

Amelia Likes: iPhones, sleeping in her crib and sleeping on her side, sucking on carrot sticks, putting everything she comes into contact with in her mouth and playing with Charlotte.
Amelia Dislikes: Trying to swallow real food, falling asleep somewhere else, being fed baby food by other people and eating baby food, in general.

Firsts: First visit to DePauw, trying baby food, trying real food and drinking from a sippy cup.

Diapers: Still doing medium cloth diapers at home, and she’s moved up to size 3 disposable diapers.

Sleep: Like I said earlier, Amelia is still sleeping really well. She goes to bed around 8 or 8:30 and wakes up at 6:30 or 7 (very rarely she’ll sleep until 7:30). Also, she still takes three naps a day. These naps range in time from an hour and a half to two hours. We have experimented off and on with a four hour schedule and only feeding her four times a day. This means some of her naps have been two and a half or three hours, even. She is not consistent with this four hour schedule, and I’m not necessarily rushing her yet. But those four hour days are preeeeety nice!

Feed: Amelia is eating four or five times a day, depending on what she wants to do. After three of those feedings, we attempt to give her baby food so that she’s eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. She does not love baby food, unfortunately. Occasionally, she will have a “good” meal, but most of the time, we’re shoving a couple of spoonfuls of food in her mouth until she acts so totally over it (i.e. crying and shoving the spoon away). While we gave up on the bottle, we will not give up on feeding her baby/real food. You can’t survive on breastmilk alone forever, kiddo! She seems to want to eat real food, but her gag reflex is so bad that she can’t actually swallow what little pieces we’ve given her. I’ve read that kids with reflux have a hard time with real foods initially — so we’ll keep working on it bit by bit and talk to the doctor about it at our nine month appointment.



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