Amelia: 4 Months


Dear Amelia,

Well, I called it — time is flying by now! This fourth month was a total blur, probably due to the fact that we were gone for 10 days of it. It’s evident that you went through a growth spurt while we were gone. You seem so much bigger now!

You are showing more and more that you are Miss Particular. You still won’t take a bottle, love your swaddle sack and are very partial to Mommy. If someone tries to mess with the balance of what you love and want, it’s over and there is little to do to console you. You definitely experience all of your emotions at a very deep level.

With that, though, you have the BIGGEST smile when you’re happy. Your mouth gets as big as possible, and we’ve even heard a few little giggles from you this month.The happiness you exude is contagious, and our hearts almost can’t take it.

Every day, you get more and more curious. Your eyes are huge enough as it is, but when you’re watching the world around you, they get even bigger! You clearly can’t wait to be a part of it. You’re constantly kicking your legs, flailing your arms and arching your back. Some day, I think you’re just going to hop off my lap and walk away!

We made our first big road trip to Florida with you this past month. You did amazing on the car ride there and back — until the last hour of each trip. On the way down, you screamed for 40 minutes on and off until we arrived at the condo. And on the way back, we had to stop an hour away from Evansville because you were totally and completely over being in the car. Like I said, when things aren’t going your way, you let us know just how mad it makes you. But the rest of vacation went very smoothly with you — MUCH better than it did the first time we took Charlotte anywhere. And I only had to leave the restaurant dinner table once to feed you, little stinker.

In addition to your first vacation, you rolled over for the first time! We thought it was just a fluke, but you’ve done it several times in recent days too. You also giggled for the first time, and it was adorable — of course. Now, I try my hardest to get it out of you.

Amelia Rose, it’s like you’ve always been a part of this family. We love you so much, and for being so small, you’ve already added to our hearts and our lives in a big way. We can’t wait to watch you grow this next month — we know it will pass in the blink of an eye!


Mom and Dad


Weight: 13 lbs, 10 oz (31st percentile)
Height: 24 3/4 in (52nd percentile)
Clothing size: 3 – 6 month clothes

Amelia Likes: Opening her mouth super wide when she’s happy or excited, being nuzzled, eskimo kisses, swimming in the pool, playing with crinkly toys, standing up, rolling over from her tummy to back, being outside and people watching.
Amelia Dislikes: Taking medicine after medicine after medicine, being woken up, the last hour of a long car ride, being awake longer than she should be and getting into her car seat.

Firsts: Vacation, road trip, laugh, dip in the ocean, St. Patrick’s Day and roll from tummy to back.

Diapers: Still doing medium cloth diapers at home and size two diapers when we’re on the go.

Sleep: We are in the process of moving Amelia’s dreamfeed (10:30 p.m. feed) back a few minutes every night to prepare her to drop it. I think she’s ready, but of course, I’m nervous that she’ll wake at 4 a.m. super hungry. But she’s still doing an amazing job sleeping until 7:30 each morning. She’s still taking three long naps a day, although these weren’t so great while we were on vacation. Her last nap of the day is starting to be hit or miss. Sometimes she’ll nap for 20 to 40 minutes; other times, not at all. And she’s typically pretty cranky at this time regardless — thanks, witching hour.

Feed: We are still breastfeeding six times a day. In terms of progress on the bottle, not much has been made. But she has at least taken a few suckles from one each time we’ve offered. Maybe she’s close???


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