Amelia: 3 Months


Dear Amelia,

We hit the three month mark! You are officially no longer a newborn, and I feel as if we really got to experience all aspects of newborn life. Time wasn’t flying by, but as I recall with Charlotte, it was the same with her. Things didn’t start speeding up until the fourth month or so.

Though time has seemed to stand still during these first wintry months with you, you’ve grown so much! You sleep through the night, wear 3 – 6 month clothes and really interact with us through smiles and coos. I know you are itching to join all of the fun because you’re constantly moving around and lurching forward as if you’ll hop down and run away.

We know now that Charlotte was our even-keeled baby, and you are definitely more emotional. When you’re happy, you’re super happy. And when you’re mad, you’re definitely mad. Any other time, you are on the proverbial “edge of your seat” watching life happen around you. Your limbs flail and your eyes get huge; you’re so excited!

So far, you seem a little shy around anyone but us. While you ham it up for us, you’re not yet smiling at strangers or extended family members. Rather, you just give people a wide-eyed look.

Things are really starting to get fun with you. Undoubtedly, we fall more in love with you every day and with every new thing you do. You are such a sweet girl, and your smile could probably melt anyone’s heart. We can’t wait to see what the next month brings!


Mom and Dad


Weight: 12 lbs, 12 oz
Height: 24 in
Clothing size: She’s wearing a mix of 0 – 3 and 3 – 6 month clothes right now.

Amelia Likes: Funny noises from Mommy and Daddy, sleeping, being naked, taking baths, laying on her changing table or on a blanket on the floor, standing up, books, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, watching the three of us do anything (Charlotte play, Mommy cook and do laundry, Daddy get ready for work) and Love To Dream Swaddle bag.
Amelia Dislikes: Reflux medicine, cradle cap, putting onesies on, being woken up and her fourth nap of the day.


Firsts: Swimming in a pool, Valentine’s Day and coos and laughs. Hopefully, the weather gets warmer soon, and we begin adding way more firsts to this list as the year goes along. We’re kind of secluded to the house as we work hard on making a good sleeper!

Diapers: In addition to moving up a size in clothes, we’ve also moved her up to the next size cloth diapers and disposable diapers (size 2).

Sleep: Amelia is consistently sleeping eight hours at night and has been doing so since she was 10 weeks! Woohoo! She’s still taking four naps a day, and they range in time between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. Her fourth nap, though, is TERRIBLE. Most days, she’ll snooze for 20 minutes, and very rarely, she’ll sleep like she’s supposed to. There are only two hours between the feeding before and the one after so it’s really not a big deal. Plus, this is the first nap she’ll drop in a few weeks.

Feed: She’s currently breastfeeding six times a day and still won’t take a bottle. I’m convinced she’s never going to take a bottle, but everyone keeps encouraging us to keep trying. It can be discouraging if I dwell on it too long — but at the same time, if she never takes a bottle, we’ll all survive. It’s just a year — or nine months, at this point.

This is the face Amelia made each time I disappeared behind the camera. “Don’t leave me!”

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