3 Years: Q&A with Charlotte

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I meant to ask Charlotte these questions closer to her actual birthday, but with baby prep and arrival, it  got away from me. Nevertheless, the questions have been asked and answered. I hope to make this a tradition with both of the girls (once Amelia’s old enough to verbalize).

It was fun hearing Charlotte’s answers, especially when I thought I knew the answer but she surprised me by saying something totally unexpected. Her answers just go to show that she’s her own person, marching to the beat of her own drum. I love that about her — and I love getting to know her a little more each day.

I may be in the minority by saying this — but three has been my favorite age so far. She loves to cuddle, randomly tells me that she loves me and really shares experiences with Ryan and me. We can have real conversations, she has her own independent thoughts and she’s constantly surprising us. It’s so much fun, and we can’t wait to see what the next few months bring with our Charlotte girl.

  1. How old are you? Three
  2. What is your favorite color? Purple and pink
  3. What is your favorite animal? Lion
  4. What is your favorite book? Little People Christmastime is Here flap book
  5. What is your favorite TV show? Bo on the Go
  6. What is your favorite movie? Brave
  7. What is your favorite song? Dancing in the Dark by Rihanna (It’s from the soundtrack to a kids movie — not letting my daughter listen to Rihanna albums — promise!)
  8. What is your favorite food? Quesadilla
  9. What is your favorite drink? Milk
  10. What is your favorite breakfast food? Cereal and a muffin
  11. What is your favorite snack? All kinds of different candy!
  12. What is your favorite outfit? This one *points to yellow shirt*
  13. What is your favorite game? The Color Game
  14. What is your favorite toy? Stuffed Stegosaurus
  15. Who is your best friend? You *points to Mommy*
  16. What is your favorite thing to do? Feed my baby
  17. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Dig
  18. What is your favorite holiday? Valentine’s
  19. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Steggie — Stegosaurus
  20. Where is your favorite place to go? I don’t know! Target!
  21. What is your favorite restaurant? Chinese food
  22. Where do you want to go on vacation? Chicago
  23. What do you want to be when you grow up? Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) — a few weeks ago, it was a ghost.
  24. What did you do on your birthday? I turned three and I blowed candles out and I ate the icing!

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