Amelia — Two Months


Dear Amelia,

Happy two months! The January days and nights seem to pass so slowly, but when we see how much you’re growing right before our eyes, it’s hard not to wish for you to stay little and all newborn-like. However, each day we get more and more smiles from you — just a taste of all of the good things to come as you grow older!

We’ve learned this month that no two babies are alike and that you are NOT your sister. You have different preferences for how you like things, temperament and timeline. Fortunately, all of it is good different!

For instance, you are a rock star at sleeping already. You love being swaddled, although we still cannot fathom how that would be comfortable. And you’ve shown that you’re definitely a Mama’s girl.

But in many ways, the two of you are the same. You look a lot like your sister at times, and you have also refused a pacifier (which in the long run will be awesome — right now, not so much). Also, like your sister, you are such a happy baby! You love talking, cooing and smiling at us. Your smile is truly heart-melting.

This month, you celebrated your first New Year’s, and we started our new normal schedule with your Dad going back to work and Charlotte going back to preschool. I think we all have a hang of this family of four thing, and we cannot wait to continue to watch you grow and grow with you! You bring so much joy to all three of us, and we know that joy will only increase!


Mom and Dad


Weight: 10 lbs, 14 oz (38th percentile)
Height: 22 1/4 in (38th percentile)
Clothing size: Still in 0 – 3 months. She has a few items that no longer fit, but I anticipate that she’ll be in 0 – 3 months for a few more weeks.

Amelia Likes: Mommy, laying on her changing table, being swaddled, the song Edelweiss, hanging out with us in the evenings, baths, her playmate and sleeping.
Amelia Dislikes: Being in the swaddle while awake, getting out of the bath, 2 month vaccinations (still getting over THAT), reflux and taking a bottle.


Firsts: New Year’s Eve, road trip to Ohio to meet family and playing for the first time (on her playmate — she LOVES looking at herself in the mirror).

Diapers: We started cloth diapers! Just like last time, I put her in a disposable when we leave the house. I’m also putting her in a disposable at night until she’s good at sleeping through the night. I don’t want a wet diaper to be the reason she can’t sleep at night.

Sleep: Could it be? We hit the sleep jackpot again. She’s not sleeping through the night as we would like. We’re shooting for an awake time of 7 or 7:30, and she typically wakes up between 5 and 6 a.m., but I know now that she’ll only wake up once in the night. Occasionally, she’ll wake up a little earlier than that in the night. We put her down to bed around 8 p.m. and the I wake her up again for a dreamfeed between 10:30 and 11 p.m.

She is a rock star at naps — for the most part. She cries for a few minutes when we lay her down, but she’s out after that. She currently takes four naps, although the last nap only lasts for a half hour or 45 minutes, and she’s awake for an hour (including feeding time). So she’ll nap for roughly an hour and a half to two hours for the other three naps.

Feed: This is going to take a while. We are exclusively breastfeeding, and it’s been issue after issue for us. I was SUPER sore and in pain quite a bit the first month. Then between four and six weeks, she started fussing a lot when I was nursing. Part of that had to do with reflux, but part of it had to do with something else.

So I went to a lactation consultant and found out that I had an oversupply. Rather than feeding her four ounces at a time, I was feeding her EIGHT. With the reflux, she would eat, spit everything back up and then eat more. So it was a pretty vicious cycle that we needed to get under control.

I started block feeding (look it up) to decrease my supply, which has worked, AND we got reflux medicine at the doctor the other day! Hopefully this helps us solve all of our issues. I had been told that breastfeeding the second time around was a lot less painful and easier overall. TOTALLY not the case here. It’s been painful, stressful and aggravating. But I’m also too stubborn to quit — just holding out hope that it gets better now!

We love you so much baby girl!


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