Amelia: 1 Month



Dear Amelia,

When I stop to think about the fact that you’re one month old, it blows my mind. It has been a long four weeks; and yet, I’m not ready for you to be one month old already!

I feel like I’m barely treading water, but you don’t seem to notice. You are growing like a weed, smiling already like a little sweetheart and becoming increasingly aware of the world around you. It’s amazing how much you’ve changed in so little time.

Our first two weeks with you were pretty easy — mostly because you slept A LOT. However, you did NOT like sleeping at around 5 a.m. Now, you’ve shifted to not liking sleep between 12:30 and 1:30 a.m. We’re hoping you either gradually move into the early evening — or stop altogether! That would be great!

Though you can be a stinker at night, you more than make up for it as soon as you smile. I know babies vary on when they give their Mamas their first smiles, but you were especially early in smiling at me at around week three. You know I need it. Now, you smile at your Daddy too.

In your first month of life, you’ve celebrated your first Thanksgiving and Christmas, met Santa, completed your first road trip and visited both grandparents’ houses. Given the hectic life we’ve led this month, we haven’t really settled into a routine yet, but we’re looking forward to some normalcy once we’re home for a while.

We waited so long for you, sweet girl, and it’s still kind of surreal that you’re here. We’re so looking forward to knowing you better, beautiful girl!


Mom & Dad


Weight: 9 lbs, 5 oz (46th percentile)
Height: 21 in (35th percentile)
Clothing size: Amelia has been in newborn clothes until Christmas Day — or the day before she officially turned one month. Bring on the new clothes!

Amelia Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Charlotte, ceiling fans, Christmas lights, the artwork above her changing table and taking baths.
Amelia Dislikes: Sleeping at nighttime, getting into her car seat and getting dressed and undressed.

Firsts: Thanksgiving, Christmas, bath and road trip — but isn’t everything a “first” at this point?


Diapers: Amelia is in newborn disposable diapers. We still plan to do cloth diapering — although we’re a little less enthusiastic about it this time — but for now, she’s too small to fit into the cloth diapers without leaking. And I have enough laundry to do, thanks to the amount she spits up sometimes.

Sleep: Sleeping is hit or miss with this one. She has good sleep sessions and bad sleep sessions too. Sometimes, Ryan just has to hold her at night while she sleeps. Other times, she’ll go four hours between feedings at nighttime. In terms of napping, it’s very much the same. One thing she does not do well with is being transferred while sleeping — either from person to person or from car to home.

Feed: Amelia is eating every 2 1/2 to three hours, and for the most part, she guzzles like a champ. We have had our fair share of breastfeeding issues this first month, though. From problems with my body (breastfeeding has NOT been easier the second time around) to her spitting up large amounts to not liking how fast my milk lets down, there have been plenty of reasons to give up on the whole endeavor. However, I know the benefits as well as how easy it becomes down the road, and that’s been my incentive for sticking with it.

We also learned at her doctor’s appointment that the poor girl has reflux. It’s not bothering her at all, thank goodness, so we don’t have to take medication. We do, however, have to take reflux precautions, like putting a pillow under her mattress so that she’s sleeping at a 30-degree angle. Say prayers that this becomes a non-issue in a few weeks!

This month has definitely been chock full of challenges, but our little girl is thriving. I know we’ll get the hang of life with four — and maybe one of these days, I’ll even be able to clean the house. For now, we’re just taking lots of deep breaths and enjoying those smiles when we get them!

Oh, hey, Darcy.

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