Amelia’s Birth Story


I had two deals going with Amelia. The first was that she wait until December/after Thanksgiving to make her debut. The second was that she wait until I had seen the final Hunger Games movie.

Well, she agreed to one of those — kind of.

Because my due date was two days after Thanksgiving, we asked our families to spend the holiday at our house — two days for the Randolphs and two days for the Knights. Given that, Ryan’s mom, Alison, was at our house the night before Thanksgiving getting food ready for the following day. We decided to take advantage of her free babysitting services to see the Hunger Games.

About 20 minutes into the movie, I started having regular contractions that were pretty strong. After about a half hour, Ryan was timing them at four minutes apart. He asked if I wanted to leave, but I was determined to stick it out until the end of the movie. While part of me thought that I was in labor, another part of me questioned the whole thing given my experience last time.

Once the movie was over, I opted to go home and take a bath. I figured that if this was false labor, the contractions would go away. While they did decrease in frequency and intensity, they picked back up an hour later. So I spent the whole night in labor, waking Ryan up at one point to watch some TV with me and trying to get some sleep in the minutes between each contraction.

The following morning, Thanksgiving, I called my Mom to inform her that I had painful contractions all night; however, I still wasn’t convinced that this was “it.” She told me to call my doctor anyway; and upon calling my doctor, she asked me to come in regardless so that she could know whether or not to go to her family Thanksgiving (p.s. my doctor is very frank, matter-of-fact and doesn’t beat around the bush about anything). We agreed that if I was in the early stages of labor, she would send me back home.

Ryan quickly packed a hospital bag, I grabbed mine and we headed out the door. I still wasn’t convinced that this was real labor. After all, I was able to shower, put makeup on and fix my hair — everything that I was not able to do when laboring with Charlotte.

So we walked into the hospital, straight to triage and found out shortly after that I was dilated to five centimeters, which meant that I was not going home and we were going to have a Thanksgiving baby!

I made it into my labor and delivery room at around 9 a.m., got an epidural shortly after I arrived, upped my epidural again at around noon because the contractions were still pretty intense and started pushing at 1 p.m. When the anesthesiologist upped my epidural, it was pretty strong, and I couldn’t feel a thing — which isn’t ideal once you start pushing.

I couldn’t really feel anything until near the end, at which point the exact same thing that happened with Charlotte happened with Amelia — she was pretty much stuck. The doctor asked if I was ok with doing another episiotomy; and once that happened, Amelia quickly made her way into the world. She had the cord wrapped around her neck and had gone to the bathroom inside of me; and for those reasons, she was whisked away to the NICU doctors before we could hold her. Fortunately, everything checked out fine, and then she was ours to hold!

I thought that giving birth the second time around would be different, knowing what it is to be a Mom now. But it was so surreal again! I didn’t cry or get overly emotional. In fact, it took me a few days to get used to the idea that she was here, and she was ours.

Amelia, we’ve been waiting for you for a while now, and we are SO HAPPY that you’re here and healthy. You were definitely worth the wait. Though it hasn’t even been two weeks since you were born, it already feels like you’ve always been here with us. You’re not just an answer to prayer for us, but a fulfillment of God’s good promises. We can’t wait to love you, raise you and know you. Welcome to the world, beautiful girl!

Amelia made her debut at 1:46 p.m. She weighed 6 lbs, 14 1/2 oz and measured 19 3/4 inches.
When she arrived, she was TICKED at being prodded and poked.
And very, very tired.
We couldn’t be more proud.
With my sweet, baby girl.
Getting ready to introduce her to big sister!
Family of four for the first time.
Future daddy’s girl.
He’s quite smitten.
And also very tired.
Daddy to two girls now — how my heart melts!
Charlotte loved holding Baby Amelia — and she was generous enough to give Amelia her happy meal toy.
Big sister, little sister.
My girls.
Amelia’s going home outfit.
Clearly, I’m VERY happy to be leaving the hospital and going home.
Charlotte’s first drawing of little sister, Milly Rose.

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