Charlotte is Three!

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Dear Charlotte Girl,

You’re three! Though we’ve invested three years’ worth of time into helping you become the person you are today, it has gone by much too quickly! At the same time, we don’t reminisce about Baby Charlotte all that much. We LOVE the Charlotte that you are right now — fun-loving, sweet and almost always happy. How do you manage that for your age?!

Today, you are the most loving little girl I’ve ever met. You are happy to snuggle with your Dad and me at any point during the day. And no matter where we are or who we’re with, you must give a hug and kiss before you — or friends and family — are allowed to part ways. I think it catches people off guard, but I’m glad you don’t realize that yet.

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We also think you’re incredibly smart. You pick up things so quickly — like puzzles — and love to figure out how things work, which you no doubt picked up from your Dad. You also remember EVERYTHING. Your mind is like a steel trap, and I’m glad you’ve inherited that quality from me. It’s a good one to have!

While you have your moments, we haven’t really encountered a terrible-two-year-old. Maybe you’ll be a terrible-three-year-old. Or maybe you’ll maintain your easy-going, laid back attitude. This is what makes you so awesome, in our opinion. You’re up for anything — whether that’s eating out at a nice restaurant or staying up WAY past your bedtime. We know that we can just count on you to behave well.

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You love preschool and socializing with friends. It’s fun to see you interact with other kids your age as well as smaller children. When we see you with another baby, we have no doubt that you’ll make the most excellent big sister.

This upcoming year will bring lots of changes, but we hope that you master them with your usual sweet, go-with-the-flow nature. We can’t wait to see your personality continue to grow and emerge. You are our little ray of sunshine, and we love you to the moon and back!


Mom & Dad

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Charlotte’s Birthday Party

We celebrated Charlotte’s birthday with family on Ryan’s Baptism weekend but had a quiet party at home for a few of her friends on her birthday weekend. It was Minnie Mouse themed given our recent trip to Disney, and Charlotte loved hosting her friends, eating cake and opening presents. Thanks to everyone for spoiling her; we appreciate you all so much taking a vested interest in our daughter’s life!


On Charlotte’s actual birthday, she requested a sushi lunch after church. Who is this big girl?!


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