Celebrating FIVE Years!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. At the same time, I feel like Ryan and I have been married forever — and in a good way. It just feels as if we’ve always been together, like time before our relationship was another life entirely.

It has been a GOOD five years. I have no doubt that Ryan and I will experience many hardships along the way — and we’ve had a few in these five years — but in all honesty, being married to this man is easy. I know that a large part of that is due to God’s faithfulness to us, but it’s also because of who Ryan is as a person. If it were all hinging on me, this marriage would probably be really hard.

Ultimately, Ryan just wants me to be happy, and I see that in the way he tolerates my plans, like digging up every plant in our front and backyard and moving them. Or rehanging photos that he’s hung one or twice before somewhere else. He’s learned very quickly just to be quiet and humor me in the small things.

Yet, when it comes to bigger decisions, he is a great leader for me and our family. I’m happy to let him make those big decisions for me, trusting him completely. And he’s always happy to listen to my input.

So given all of that, like I said, it has been a great five years. And although we would have loved to celebrate with a trip somewhere — just the two of us — that’s clearly not in the cards for us this year. Instead, we enjoyed a simple date night in Indy — dinner, coffee and cake, followed up by a movie.

I love you so much, Ryan, and I thank God every day for you and our marriage. To many, many more years of easy wedded bliss!


Ryan really outdid himself on the bouquet this year!


The five year anniversary is wood. Although this wasn’t my present (new nightstands!), Ryan used Jenga to take a walk down memory lane. On each piece, he included a memory, trip or quality that he liked about me/us. It was the sweetest!


The sentimentality was off the charts this year! I gifted Ryan with our wedding vows that we wrote ourselves handwritten by a calligrapher and framed in wood. 


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