Bumpdate: 36 Weeks


Size of Baby: Head of romaine lettuce
Total Weight Gain: 30 pounds — and measuring at 33 weeks. Given that I’m now three weeks behind on my measurements, the doctor has ordered an ultrasound for this Friday. We definitely have mixed emotions about this. While it’s great that we get to see her again and find out how she’s positioned, the doctor is concerned about her size as well as my amniotic fluid levels. Her hope — as well as ours — is that Amelia is simply “hiding,” i.e. all tucked up and that’s why she feels/measures so small. So please keep us in your prayers Friday morning if you think of it!
Maternity Clothes?: Obviously.
Stretch Marks? Still none.
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well for being 36 weeks! I do wake up with a sore back every morning and have my moments of restlessness either before bed or after I’ve gotten up to go to the bathroom, but it’s nothing to what I’m sure other women go through.


Best Moment of the Last Two Weeks: There has been lots of celebrating in the past few weeks: Ryan’s birthday, home for my Mom’s birthday, our fifth anniversary, Ryan’s baptism and Charlotte’s family birthday party. All of this partying has made the time pass quite quickly, but more importantly, it has called for sweet, sweet family time.
Miss Anything?: With all of the celebrating that’s happened in the past few weeks, I’m definitely missing wine again.

Movement: There was a two-day period during which Amelia’s movements were not as frequent as they had been. But since then, she’s picked back up. Shew!
Food Cravings: Nothing new here, really.
Any Food Aversions: Same food aversions too.


Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks contractions are growing stronger and more frequent. We went trick-or-treating the other night, and they really kicked into high gear. I was also SO SORE the day after — in my pelvis, back and legs.
Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, mild cramping, mid-back pain as well as pelvic pressure and soreness. A few weeks ago, my heartburn got EXTREMELY bad. So far this pregnancy, Tums have helped clear that up, but it was not doing the trick anymore. I was eating them morning, noon and night. Finally, I called the doctor and made the switch to Prilosec. Total life saver!

Belly Button? Still in.
Wedding Rings? All rings are off.
Happy or Moody? I would say I’m more happy than moody. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m pretty apathetic about most things. But what I’ve noticed mostly in the last few weeks is a change in my mental/emotional outlook. I was so over pregnancy a few weeks ago, and now I feel much better about having four-ish weeks left. I would say that’s a definite difference between this time and last time. Honestly, I’d rather be in physical pain than be in a funk mentally and emotionally.
Looking Forward To: Meeting Amelia! We completed our hospital tour a week ago, and now that I know where it’s all going to go down, I’ve been able to visualize the experience a lot more. I’m also able to identify parts of her body, and that’s helped to bring us closer together.

I can’t find my 36 week photo from the last pregnancy — sorry to my two or three readers!

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