Bumpdate: 20 Weeks


I’m going ahead and beginning in-depth “Bumpdates” since a lot of these characteristics or defining bits of pregnancy are already beginning to emerge.


Size of Baby: Banana — although we did find out at our ultrasound that Baby Amelia is measuring in the 29th percentile. She’s a little nugget!
Total Weight Gain: 17 pounds
Maternity Clothes? All maternity clothes. I’m not even attempting to fit into my regular clothes at this juncture.
Stretch Marks? Nope…thanks, Mama Mio!
Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty well at this point, thank goodness.

Best Moment of the Last Two Weeks: Finding out we’re having a little girl and the increase in movement!
Miss Anything? Wine 🙂

Movement: Like I said, lots of movement for 20 weeks. I’ve been telling Ryan since week 17 that we’ve got a crazy one on our hands. Watching her on the ultrasound definitely confirmed that.
Food Cravings: Salads! …which would be awesome if it was the only thing I ate. Usually the salad is accompanied by an entree. I’m also craving mustard, Twizzlers and pizza (but I crave pizza pretty frequently when I’m NOT pregnant).

Fun fact: Ryan enjoys staging photos.
Fun fact: Ryan enjoys staging photos.

Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: None! And hopefully that’s my report for another 20 weeks.
Symptoms: Frequent headaches are back, which the doctor attributes to a progesterone increase that usually occurs between weeks 18 and 20. I’m also experiencing mid-back pain, which was something I suffered from during the first pregnancy, as well as heartburn.

Belly Button?: In!
Wedding Rings?: Still on — but it won’t be long before my rings are retired for the time being.
Happy or Moody?: Happy for the most part. I do, admittedly, have my moments of irritability and sadness.
Looking Forward To: Our new life with Amelia, decorating the nursery and getting all of Charlotte’s old baby clothes out for the next Randolph girl!


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