Boy or Girl? What Will You Be?

In my 16 week post, it felt like time was flying by, but now that we’ve got our gender reveal appointment to look forward to, time is passing by so slow. Fortunately, we have exactly one week left to wait. In the meantime, we’ve been trying out old wives’ tales once more for a bit of fun.

1. Baby’s Position
I feel like this baby is sitting just like Charlotte was — a little lower. Ryan has even remarked on how low my belly seems. GIRL

However, I also seem to be a bit narrow (again), which would indicate a BOY.

2. Heartbeat
Initially, the heart rate was 171. The past two visits it has been 150 and 147. The old wives’ tale goes that a girl has a heart rate in the 140s, while a boy has a heart rate in the 130s. GIRL

3. Sweets or Salts
I’ve had my share of sweet cravings, specifically gummy bears and Twizzlers. However, most of my cravings have been for salty and sour-ish foods. BOY

4. Calendars
Both the Chinese and Mayans have calendars that supposedly determine whether you’re having a boy or girl. Both of these calendars predict that we’re having a GIRL.

5. Skin
Though I am breaking out a little, it’s not as much as last time. I’ll take that! BOY

6. The Ring test
We did the ring test a few nights ago. When I held the ring over my belly, it swung in a circle, which means it’s a girl. I also had Ryan hold the ring; and when he did it, the ring swayed from side to side, indicating a boy.

I also read that people can subconsciously move the ring to get the result that they want. In that case, our results are interesting. GIRL

7. Sickness
Finally, the last indicator is whether or not you’ve been sick or feeling fine. Just like last time, I was pretty nauseous during my first trimester, and even well into my second trimester, I’m still feeling pretty tired all of the time. But I definitely have had it better than others, which is why I’m going with BOY on this one.

If you check out this post from my pregnancy with Charlotte, you’ll notice the results are almost all the same. So what will Little Bit #2 be? We’ll let you know in a week!

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