Spreading the News…

We decided to tell our family a little earlier than we did last time simply because we were seeing them all for my 30th birthday. On my actual birthday, we shared the news with my Mom — asking her if she could keep a secret for a few days (and we know she can — she kept it for WEEKS last time). My Mom’s eyes swelled with tears, and you could tell that she was just SO HAPPY for us. She’s been praying just as diligently for you, Little Bit, as we have this past year.

A few days later, we had a majority of both of our families together in Bloomington for a big birthday dinner. Before dinner arrived at the table, Ryan had everyone group together for a picture. Little did anyone know what was coming…

Get together for a picture…


“Ok everybody, say, “Kathryn’s pregnant!””…


Cue tears, laughs and disbelief.

Margaret's hand on my belly is the sweetest thing. Also, Charlotte's face -- HA!
Margaret’s hand on my belly is the sweetest thing. Also, Charlotte’s face — HA!

We FaceTimed and texted those that couldn’t join us that night, which brought even further freak outs (I wish we had been recording Josh and Jess’ FaceTime call). Unfortunately, the families are under strict instruction to keep the secret for about three more weeks. At which point, Ryan says he’s going to shout it to the whole world. He’s one happy Daddio.

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