Trick or Treat — or Silently Glare at Adults on their Doorsteps

This year, Charlotte celebrated her first official Halloween, meaning we went to great lengths to fashion her costume and spent hours going door to door in our neighborhood collecting candy. Ok, that was a trick…because it’s a lie.

I’m not super big on Halloween, and while Mom-guilt prodded me to search and attempt to craft a costume, my husband’s wise ways won out (thank goodness). Rather than go crazy making a costume that probably wouldn’t turn out so great, he suggested we recycle Charlotte’s flower girl dress from Josh and Jessica’s wedding. We also had a pair of fairy wings and a coordinating wand in our costume drawer so we just stuck those on her and voila!


Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very cooperative that night. Most of the night it rained hard, and the air was chilly. So we opted to drive to a friend’s house, and then hit three houses in our neighborhood.


We geared Charlotte up with lots of “trick or treat” practice, but when it came time to actually perform, she just glared at whoever opened the door. Good thing she’s cute, right? I think we made a few older ladies’ nights bringing Charlotte to their door.

Hopefully next year is better, but either way, watching her enjoy getting dressed up and eating her candy at home later was quite the treat.

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