Mother’s & Father’s Days

Let’s just combine these two, shall we?

Mother’s Day weekend was a little hectic this year; however, it was very, very fun. Ryan and I were in Cincinnati celebrating a friend’s birthday while Charlotte was at the Randolph’s lake house. We were fortunate enough to have lunch with Ryan’s parents, his grandparents and aunt, uncle and cousin on Sunday.

Once we were together as a family of three, we had dinner at a local restaurant near our new home. It was a quiet evening, perfect after a crazy weekend. And it was topped off with a Dyson — I must have been a good Mom this year!

photo 1-10

photo 3-9

For Father’s Day, we surprised Ryan with donuts in bed, went to church and then shopped for some new professional clothes for the hard-working man in our lives.

photo 4-7

photo 5-4

photo 2-8

I love, love, love being a Mom to Charlotte, and though transitioning into my role as a stay-at-home-mom last year was a little scary at first, I wouldn’t trade this decision or this life for anything else. It has so richly blessed me beyond anything I deserve, and I’m so happy to have a husband that loves and supports me in this decision.

As for Ryan, I can’t speak highly enough of how he is thriving in his role as a Dad. Charlotte is just 18-months old, but it’s clear that she loves her Daddy. He is so wonderful with her, and it makes my heart swell to hear or see them playing with one another. He’s good about teaching her, especially during their nightly bath time routine. And he’s pretty much wrapped around her finger.

Needless to say, we absolutely love being parents, and we celebrate parenthood not just on these days but every day through the year.

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