Easter Clean Up

When it comes to little children, you’ll find that you do a number of crazy, silly things to trick get them to do what you want. Like marching down the aisles of a grocery store because they will only follow you in that context. Or making up the weirdest songs and noises ever so that they hold still during a diaper change.

In the event of Easter, it requires singing the “Clean Up” song so that you get lots of cute photos of them picking up eggs.

Add to this entire discussion that they never react how you’d like them to either.

For instance, this is totally how you picture your child reacting when opening Easter gifts that you bought…



…but we began moving in the right direction once “cleaning up” colored eggs became less like a chore and more like fun…





…and things only got better when Charlotte laid eyes on her cousin Jack’s new golf clubs and Jack finally got his hands on Charlotte’s princess zippy cup. It was a win, win.



On Sunday, we celebrated the fact that our God isn’t dead; He’s alive. Not only did He willingly die for our complete and continual rebellion, but He defeated death and allowed us to partake in eternal life with Him forever. It’s such Good News, and we don’t just celebrate it on Easter in our house. We praise this fact daily.

But we did get all dolled up…

photo 4-5

photo 3-7

photo 1-7

I think I say this every time, so just in case you’ve missed it: the holidays grow more fun every year as she gets older. We love celebrating each time and incorporating both new and old traditions into her life!

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