Charlotte: 15 Months



We had a checkup this month so I thought it would be fun to include a monthly update as you’ve changed quite a bit in the last few months since your birthday.

You’re definitely more toddler than baby now — talking, walking and only taking one nap a day. At this stage, you’re not only discovering but really starting to learn from your curiosity. You mimic everyone and everything (so please, everyone, watch your mouths around Little Charlotte), from our words to songs we sing to sounds you hear.

You can identify the key components of your body, the color yellow and have a vocabulary of over 30 words at this time. We’re pretty sure you’re a baby genius. (Spoiler alert: we’ll probably always tell you you’re a genius.)


You’ve taken quite a while to really walk. While you have been able to walk for about a month now, you are very particular about when and where you show off your latest physical development. Just last week, you really became more of a full-time walker. But, hey, in all seriousness, we LOVE that you’ve taken your time embracing this new milestone.

Since your birthday, you’ve celebrated your second Thanksgiving and Christmas, both of which you were able to actually partake in this year. We also spent our first time apart for a few days when your Dad and I went to Belize. You could have cared less, but we missed you SO MUCH. We’ve also been traveling quite a bit to Evansville for birthdays and such. You’re still really wonderful (for the most part) at traveling. And finally, we also celebrated our second Valentine’s Day as a family. This time, we actually all got to go out to eat this year. Thanks, big girl!

Charlotte, it is a pleasure meeting all of the pieces of your personality each day. You amaze us with all you accomplish, and we delight in everything you do and say. You’re our treasure.

Love always,
Mom and Dad


Weight: 21 lbs
Height: 31 1/2 in
Clothing size: 12 – 18 & 18 – 14 month clothing

Charlotte Likes: Walking, reading books, building with blocks, talking to herself, singing, watching Curious George and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, going to bed, eating, Darcy, the Children’s Museum, exploring, shopping and the list goes on and on. Charlotte likes many, many things.

Charlotte Dislikes: Sitting still, having her head touched by strangers and being told “no.”

Firsts: Walking! And taking music and swim classes.

Diapers: We have gone a little lax on the cloth diapering. We still do it the majority of the time we’re home — we’re just not home that often anymore. Not to mention, we were experiencing MAJOR leakage while she slept at night. So we’ve totally nixed cloth diapers while she sleeps at nighttime.


Sleep: Charlotte is still sleeping about 12 hours each night. Her big sleeping milestone was dropping the morning nap at the end of January (14 1/2 months). She’s still getting used to this as she falls asleep more often than not when we’re out running errands or going from one class to another.

Feed: She eats whatever we’re eating for the most part. Only recently did she become a meat eater, and she’s even enjoyed eating cod. But that’s her only fish-loving experience for now. This girl is also still drinking out of bottles. She hates milk from the sippy cup; however, she loves drinking water from them. We’re down to three bottles of whole milk a day — one when she wakes up, one before nap time and one before going to bed at night.

Talk: As I mentioned earlier, Charlotte LOVES to talk and has a vocabulary of 30+ words. Her most-used words are “HI,” “Oh no!,” and “Wow!” She also says “please” and “thank you.” We’ve noticed lately, too, that she understands a great deal of what we’re saying. We have to spell certain words out a LOT — like B-O-T-T-L-E and B-A-N-A-N-A.

Headband removal.
Headband removal.
...and trying to get it back on herself.
…and trying to get it back on herself.

We love you, sweet girl!

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