Merry Christmas, Little Bit…

As you may or may not remember, Charlotte had so much Christmas spirit last year that she slept through the entire ordeal (ok, Charlotte, we’ll give you a break — you were just a wee thing then). This year was MUCH different, and I will admit…way more fun.

We had a quiet celebration as a family of three. Dinner consisted of beef tenderloin, rice pilaf, steamed asparagus and crab legs. We also cracked open a bottle of wine that we bought on our trip to Napa this year. If I were a mature adult, I would say that the dinner was gift enough — but let’s be honest, I love presents.

photo 5-2

After dinner, we opened presents. We figured that Charlotte would find her “big gift,” a personalized little person chair a bit boring, so we gave that to her first after opening presents. And boy, were we wrong. She LOVES that thing and refused to leave it for the rest of the evening. So the little princess was having all of her gifts to handed to her while she sat on her polka-dot throne.

Ready to rip apart that wrapping paper!
Ready to rip apart that wrapping paper!








Queen C
Queen C

As you can see, each present was oohed, ahhed and pored over — so it took quite a while for us to get through presents. But I’ll take that over the chaos that will ensue once she’s four or five. But putting all of the presents and great food aside, we are such a blessed family — I mean, so blessed we don’t even deserve it. It’s not only at Christmas, but all year round that we see God’s hands moving and touching and impacting our lives. To Him be the Glory.

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