Charlotte: 11 Months


Dear Charlotte,

Well, sweet girl, we’re nearing the end of these monthly posts. You are such a big girl these days. We’re seeing less and less baby and more and more toddler.

Like the past few months, you’ve grown in personality and skill, making life with you so much fun. You delight in so many things these days — what you see, hear and do. It’s like seeing the world with a new set of eyes when we’re with you.

You’re pulling up on everything these days and have been starting to cruise along the furniture lately. We think you’re still a month or two from walking, but it’s fine with us if you take your time! You tend to wait until you’ve perfected a move before you make it. For now, you love it when we hold your hands and walk with you.

While your feet may not be doing a whole lot of moving, your mouth certainly is. You talk almost non-stop and are saying actual words at this point, associating them with the objects to which they belong. You’re such a smart little girl; it’s no surprise that your most favorite “toys” are your books

We got some big news this month: Dad got a new job in Indianapolis, and we’ll be moving in just a few weeks. While we’re sad to leave the city, we’ve always known that we wanted to raise you in more of a suburban setting. And fortunately, this move puts us a lot closer to friends and family.

We’re getting so excited to celebrate your first year of life, but we plan to savor this last month of you being an official baby. You’re the sweetest, smartest little girl, and we love you to pieces!

Mom & Dad


Weight: 18 lbs, 2 oz
Height: 29 in
Clothing size: 9 – 12 and 12 – 18 month clothing. The 12 – 18 month clothing is a little large so don’t judge us if you see our child in baggy clothes. Baby girl has a long, skinny body so while the 18-month clothes fit in length, they may not fit her around.

Charlotte Likes: Pulling up, cruising, books, sucking on her arm, experimenting with her vocal cords, Mickey Mouse, the Wheels on the Bus, talking and mimicking.

Charlotte Dislikes: Finishing a book, getting in her car seat or stroller from time to time and not being held when she’s in a bad mood.


Firsts: Cruising, few words and pumpkin patch visit.

Diapers: Still in cloth diapers.

Sleep: Still the same on sleeping too.

Feed: We’re still doing a bottle four times a day followed by solids three times a day. Charlotte loves cheese, carrots, tomatoes, crackers, french fries, macaroni, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, grapes, rice cakes and pasta. She likes chicken most of the time, but other than that, she’s not a big meat eater yet. And I don’t think it’s been mentioned in any other post, but she got her top two teeth during the ninth month. So she now has four teeth total.

Talk: Charlotte’s first official word came in the ninth month too — that is, the first word she said that she associated with something. And that was “clap.” Now, she says “Dah” for Darcy, duck, moo and “ack” for Jack. We’re still trying to teach her to associate “DaDa” with Ryan and “Mama” with me — maybe we should have been animals instead.

Happy ELEVEN months, peanut girl!


Charlotte had her final head scans earlier this month, and the doctor encouraged us to keep the helmet on until Charlotte’s first birthday — so we’ll have plenty to celebrate on November 15!



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