Charlotte: 9 Months

There's a reason Charlotte is so happy this month...
There’s a reason Charlotte is so happy this month…
...she has a special guest star -- Darcy!
…she has a special guest star — Darcy!

Dear Charlotte,

Now that you’re officially 13 days away from being 10 months old, I thought I’d catch you up on the ninth month of your life. It’s not that there wasn’t a whole lot going on; in fact, there was a LOT going on.

Once we got back from Evansville and North Carolina, we were home for a whopping 11 days before it was time to jet off to California. We spent a week with the Knight clan in Wine Country, and we all had such a wonderful time. Once we were home, we were busy packing in as many summer activities as possible. There’s a good chance this will be our last summer in Chicago so we wanted you to experience it all! While you may not remember it, there are plenty of pictures to prove the places you’ve seen, the music you’ve listened to and the experiences you’ve had.

Speaking of experiences, you’re officially a crawler. You crawled a very, very tiny bit at the end of our trip in California, and in just a few days’ time, you were crawling (very deliberately and cautiously, I might add) around the apartment. I think you were waiting to get the move just perfect before you started. There was no “in-between” crawling like the army crawl or scooting. Are you going to be a type-A, perfectionist?

You’ve also started clapping and will even say “ka” when you do it, smart girl. Also, we’re working on the skills you need to feed yourself. You’ve got a hang of the pincer grab, but you don’t quite know to put your hand up to your mouth. But with your love for food, we have no doubts that you’ll get there soon.

It’s also worth mentioning your new favorite thing: sucking on your arm. It’s definitely your preferred coping mechanism since you never took to a pacifier and don’t seem to be interested in your thumb either. As soon as we set you down to go to sleep, your arm is in your mouth. You have a permanent dark spot on your right arm now.

This has been such a fun month, and you are at a really amazing age. Each day, you’re learning something new, and it’s apparent that you enjoy the life around you. We’re so glad because above all, we want you to be happy! You are our joy, sweet girl!

Love always,
Mom & Dad


Weight: At her official doctor’s appointment, you won’t believe what she weighed…16 lbs, 8 oz EXACTLY. Obviously, the scale at home is a little wonky, and making everything seem heavier than it is (yay for me!).
Height: 28 1/2 in
Clothing size: She’s still in a few 6 – 9 month clothes but mostly in 9 – 12 month clothes. She requires all of the length of the 12 month outfit. On a similar note, this girl has the tiniest feet! Her size 2 shoes don’t even fit her very well!

Charlotte Likes: Crawling, clapping, walking outside, tearing napkins apart, animals, going to the grocery store, swinging and sucking on her arm.

Charlotte Dislikes: Being told “no,” not being able to figure something out or getting it to work the way she wants and probably lots of other little things I’m blanking on right now. She just makes it very apparent now when she’s upset or frustrated.

Firsts: Crawling, clapping and using the “pincer” grab.

Charlotte's Glamour Shot.
Charlotte’s Glamour Shot.

Diapers: Still doing cloth diapers and disposable diapers when we’re traveling.

Sleep: Charlotte sleeps 11 hours at night, and she was able to maintain this streak during our time traveling. She takes two naps a day, sometimes three. Her first two naps are 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours long, and the last nap is anywhere from a half hour to an hour long.

Feed: We introduced Charlotte to formula during our trip to California. My milk supply is dwindling, and I can no longer pump enough that is substantial. So now we’re doing a mix of breastfeeding and formula feeding four times a day. Three of those meals are followed by baby food.

Nine months — get it, girl!

Blurry -- but showing off her clapping skills.
Blurry — but showing off her clapping skills.



...and some extras.
…and some extras.

Also, progress update on Charlotte and her “hat.” We definitely see a difference in the shape of her head. She had some scans done earlier in August, and while there is movement in the right direction, she hasn’t hit a huge growth spurt. So really, there is no drastic change. We’ve been told by her craniofacial specialist that she could be in the helmet for another 6 – 8 weeks; although, her orthotics doctor said as long as three months, if not more.

As far as physical therapy goes, she has made leaps and bounds. We just have two more appointments with her physical therapist, and the last is very far in advance — just to see how she is coping with walking.

We're getting there!
We’re getting there!

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