Charlotte: 8 Months


Dear Charlotte,

Seriously?! Seriously?! Summer is so cruel — it’s making time go by too quickly. You are growing and changing too much right before our eyes!

We have been on the road quite a bit this past month, which doesn’t make time pass any slower. Since the end of June, we’ve traveled to Greenwood, Evansville, North Carolina, back through Evansville and home to Chicago. And in just a few weeks, we’ll be making our way to California too.

With all of that, you’ve proved to be quite the traveler. You’re great at traveling long distances, sleeping most of the way and only fussing a little at times. We just hope you maintain this glowing track record on our flight next week.

Developmentally, you’ve had quite a journey this month as well. You’re increasingly liking tummy time, pushing up on all fours and scooting backwards. You also got your first tooth!!! Which was followed very closely by your second. Several times now I have found you sitting up in your crib after a nap, and you’re able to roll both ways now like a champ. Cutest of all, though, is your newfound love of talking. You can talk up a storm now, and your favorite word is Da-da. And you are so smart that you’ve created your own sound for identifying any kind of animal: stthh.

You have become a food monster — there is no delicate way to put it. We let you try bits and pieces of our food, and in doing so, have created a monster of sorts. You make it quite apparent that you want to try our food, and if we hold back, you let us know just how that makes you feel. Yes, you’ve been showing your temperamental side lately. It has extended past mealtime to play time. And more than ever, you love being held and hate being put down. You’re also starting to show some separation anxiety with me and your Dad, wanting either of us if we’re not holding you and falling to pieces if we leave the room.

But while this side has emerged, we know it’s just a phase, and a majority of the time you’re still our happy little babe. Charlotte, we love you so much it hurts, and we show it every day with smooches, squeezes and silly tricks to make you laugh.

Love always,
Mom and Dad


Weight: Our scale at home says 16 lbs, 8 oz again. I KNOW this girl is heavier than she was last month. I’m going with 17 1/2 lbs.
Height: 28 in
Clothing size: Some 6 – 9 month clothes and some 9 – 12.

Charlotte Likes: Eating real food, traveling, animals, playing with keys and remotes, bubbles, turning the pages in books, playing with her cousin Jack, saying DaDa, rolling around on the floor and playing with all of her toys.

Charlotte Dislikes: Not getting her way, teething, skipping naps or staying up too late, not being held and watching Mama or Daddy leave a room.


Firsts: 4th of July, epic road trip and tooth.

Diapers: A majority of her time this past month was spent in disposables since we were traveling. But besides that, we’re still cloth diapering.

Sleep: Before traveling, Charlotte was still sleeping for 10 – 11 hours at night. However, by the end of our trip, she was back to sleeping only eight hours. She still napped well, despite being on the go. She takes two big naps a day, both ranging from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, and one 30 or 45-minute nap in the early evening.

Feed: Like I mentioned earlier, we’re experimenting with grown up food now. She tries a lot of our food, but we’re still breastfeeding four times a day followed by baby food three times a day.

Happy eight months, road warrior!

P.S. I also wanted to get some updated shots of her head and the changes we’ve already seen.



And then things fell apart…


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