Charlotte: 6 Months


Hey sweet girl,

You’re officially closer to a year old than you are to just being born, and while I expected to have a full-on freak-out over this, I’m doing just fine. And that’s in large part because of you. With each new day we have with you, you give us plenty of reasons to be glad that you’re growing up.

You’re showing more and more that you have an independent spirit. It turns out, we were spot on picking the name Charlotte for you, which means “free.” You excel at playing by yourself, whether it’s in your exersaucer or on a blanket on the floor. You welcome occasional interruptions by myself or your Dad, but then it’s right back to doing what you were doing before.

When we’re holding you, we’re barely holding onto you. You love moving, and I don’t think anything would thrill you more than to be able to run away as soon as your feet hit the floor. But Little Bit, you’re only six months — so you’ll have to stay stationary for a little while longer. Don’t worry, though, your time to move will come soon enough!

You continue to prove to the world that you’re the happiest baby there ever. You laugh not only at things we do but things we say as well. When we’re out in public, strangers can easily get a huge grin from you (we’re probably going to have to have the “Stranger Danger” conversation a little early). And when you’re not handing out free smiles, you’re either looking at anything and everything — or in your own little world playing with your feet.

This past month hasn’t made me nostalgic for newborn Charlotte; it’s made me excited to see what the Charlotte a few days, weeks, months and years will be like. We want you to know that no matter who you become or what you do, we love you more than you’ll ever be able to fathom — at least until you have kids of your own someday.

Love always,
Mom & Dad


Weight: 15 lbs, 15 oz (these are from her actual doctor’s appointment so last month’s weigh in at our house is probably a little off)
Height: 27 in
Clothing size: Mostly 6 – 9 month clothing but she’ll occasionally wear something that is 3 – 6 months.

Charlotte Likes: Squealing at the top of her lungs, hanging upside down, walks in her stroller, playing by herself, new toys and raspberries on her belly.

Charlotte Dislikes: This has been stated before but it gets another mention this month: being woken up. She screams like a banshee if you wake her up — so we’ve given up the dream feed at 9 p.m. Also, Charlotte has learned to roll from her back to her belly, and she is AWESOME at it. What she is not awesome at is rolling from her belly to her back. And guess where she hates spending extended periods of time? On her belly.

Firsts: Rolling from her back to her belly, riding in the jogging stroller, celebrating Mother’s Day, riding a CTA bus, playing outside in the parks and visiting the Art Institute.


Diapers: Charlotte is still in cloth diapers. We went through a period where she was leaking at night so we had her in disposables. But then, we tried inserting two cloth liners at night and that did the trick!

Sleep: For about half of this past month, Charlotte’s newfound discovery of rolling over was causing major problems in the sleep department. She was waking early in the morning and struggling to fall asleep during naptime. The first few instances, we helped her out by flipping her back over, but then we decided that she needs to learn to cope with this newfound skill on her own. Since we’ve let her figure it out, she’s been back to her old good sleeping self.

We also dropped her dream feed about a week before she turned six months. Now, Charlotte is taking her final feeding for the day between 6:45 and 7:30, followed by some solids and then bedtime. She is doing awesome with this new change. She’s down for bed at about 8:30 pm and hasn’t been waking until between 6 and 6:30 am.

Feed: Charlotte is eating five times throughout the day. We’re still breastfeeding (yay us!), and three of these nursing meals are followed by solid foods. Baby Charlotte officially rejected my homemade baby food, but she loves Ella’s Kitchen baby food (and I love it too — it’s totally cool if I eat it as well, right?). Ella’s Kitchen likes to combine lots of different foods into one serving so she has now tried too many foods to count. And she has really come to love solids these past few weeks. Get it, girl.

Happy six months to our growing girl!


Ryan & I decided to make guest star our PJs. Don't judge.
Ryan & I decided to make guest star appearances…in our PJs. Don’t judge.

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