Charlotte: 4 Months



Well, it’s official: time is actually starting to fly by now. For the first three months, it didn’t, and everyone else acted like it was supposed to. Not that we weren’t having fun! It’s just that winter seems to draaaag along, taking everything else with it.

We are loving this age! You talk, sometimes nonstop, giggle a little and show a keen interest in pretty much everything. Your eyes intently follow the world around you, and you only grow more and more curious. Take it from us — there is a lot to see out there, and we hope you get to experience all of the good.

Each week, you add something new to your repertoire so I feel as if our days at home are never boring. I’m busy encouraging your next developmental milestone, and you seem to be enjoying every second of it. A couple of firsts for you this month include your first giggle, eight-hour sleep and roll from tummy to back. Yes — you rolled from your tummy to your back! Four times. In one day. At different points in the day. And you haven’t done it since.

But that’s ok, we’re getting close again.

You are officially a brown-eyed girl — you and Dad will have lots of fun dancing to that song at weddings for years to come. And we believe you’re going to be a brown haired girl, too. Your hair fell out a great deal at around three months, and it’s starting to come back in now — slowly but surely. Also, you might be a lefty! You consistently grab everything we put in front of you with your left hand first. I’m pretty ecstatic about it since I used to be a lefty (long story); as for your Dad, it’s just going to be something that he has to get used to. Being a lefty is special and unique and something to be proud of!

As you get older, it gets harder to let go of our time with newborn Charlotte, all swaddled up and getting lost in her clothes, but we wouldn’t trade it for the Charlotte you are today.

We love you, baby girl!
Mom & Dad


Weight: 14.5 lbs, 8 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 25.5 in (87th percentile)
Clothing size: Still in 3 – 6 month clothes, but they are only going to last her another week or two. At this rate, she’ll be wearing 4T at her first birthday party.

Charlotte Likes: Board books, Sophie the Giraffe, her ball/”planet” as Ryan calls it, the ABC song, Darcy, watching Mom do anything and everything, talking, lying on her changing table and sleeping in her crib or carseat.

Charlotte Dislikes: Being tired, getting woken up, anything touching her head and getting her mouth wiped (she prefers to be dabbed).

Diapers: Still doing the cloth diaper bit.


Sleep: Charlotte is sleeping eight hours at night — consistently! About two days after she turned three months, I didn’t get up when my alarm went off at midnight to feed her, and she made it to morning (who knows how long she was actually able to do this, but I still thought she needed me!). Since then, she’s been sleeping eight, occasionally nine, hours every night.

Napping is still going well. She takes technically five naps a day, but she is starting to drop one of the naps. And her final nap of the day starts sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m., and then I wake her up at 10 p.m. for her final meal. Eventually, the earlier time will be her bedtime, but we’re waiting until she’s on solid foods before we attempt that.

Feed: She’s still exclusively breastfed. But we’re switching to cereal and starter foods next week — yay!

Happy FOUR months, Little Bit!


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