Sunshine, Swimming & Strikes

Last week, we went on our first trip as a family of three. I can’t technically call it a vacation because Ryan was at a work conference for most of the trip, but Charlotte and I were thrilled to be able to tag along. We stayed at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida (thanks to BofA), and we told Charlotte MANY times throughout the trip that there’s a very strong chance she will be the only child of ours to get to stay at so nice a place…EVER.

The Breakers
The Breakers

Now our pictures will tell a story of a very pleasant time with one another, a trip during which Charlotte experienced lots of firsts like dipping her toes in the ocean and swimming in a pool. These firsts were so much fun with her and just as enjoyable as they look through our photos.


However, vacationing with a baby isn’t all smiles and good times — and I want to be honest about our trip. The day after we arrived, Charlotte went on a “nursing strike.” She was extremely fussy when it was time to eat, and I had to resort to pumping and giving her a bottle for the majority of the trip. With that, she wasn’t the best napper either. I felt bad for our hotel neighbors who spent a great deal of money to share wall space with a fussy baby, but thankfully, they only had to endure our fussy baby during the day and not through the night.

But the nursing strike was frustrating for me, especially when I didn’t know that babies even went on nursing strikes (everything I know about “Mommydom,” I learned on Google). It reminded me a lot of that first month with Charlotte; those times when I was unsure of what I was doing as a mother. Plus, Ryan was there for work, not coming back to our hotel room until almost midnight every night — so I was doing a lot of this solo.


We had times like that, coupled with some of my best experiences to date as a Mom. Swimming with Charlotte in the pool for the first time was, hands down, one of the best moments I’ve had with her. And for a new Mom and baby that have been cooped up in a 900 square foot apartment for the past three months, being able to walk around on a beach in the warm air was bliss.

All in all, it was a great first trip. Despite those nursing and napping issues, we had a wonderful time, and it was a memorable first trip in the best way. Good food was had, books were read next to the pool, but most importantly, I got to watch my daughter discover palm trees, ocean waves and pools.

Charlotte at the Ocean from Ryan Randolph on Vimeo.










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