Charlotte’s First Flight

At one point, Ryan and I were quite the expert travelers, and though we aren’t planning a seven month sabbatical with our baby anytime soon, we hoped that flying would come easy to our Little Bit.


Fortunately, the biggest hang up that we experienced was our stroller getting caught in the x-ray machine at O’Hare. Speaking of, at O’Hare, you get to SKIP the massive security line if you have a baby. For some people, that might be worth having a baby as soon as humanly possible.

Now back to the trip…Charlotte was amazing for both flights. She fell asleep during take-off and descent as if on cue, and when she did wake up during our descent into Chicago, she handled the ear popping like a champ by guzzling her bottle.

As we were walking off the plane in Chicago, the flight attendants even praised little Charlotte, which we’ll kind of chalk up to the two kids who cried for two hours of our flight. But still, we’ll take praise for our child’s behavior from the professionals who fly with babies every day.


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