Charlotte: 2 Months


Dear Charlotte,

Well, Little Bit, we have the second month under our belt, and what a difference a month makes. Though you’ve grown so much physically and developmentally this month, I think I’ve grown even more.

The first month was like getting to know any other human being. I not only didn’t feel comfortable breastfeeding, giving you baths and changing your clothes, but I also didn’t feel totally secure in talking and singing to you. As with any other person, I was shy and wasn’t sure you liked me, as dumb as that sounds.

But this second month, I’ve done a 180. We chat with one another, I sing weird songs and talk in a high-pitched voice as I narrate everything we do together. And you seem to love all of it. When you cry, I can usually tell what you are specifically trying to communicate to me, and also, when you’re just crying for no reason. I finally feel like I know what I’m doing — not just as a mom but as YOUR Mom.


Now about you…

You are at such a fun age! You coo and smile and even squeal a little bit, and it’s too much cuteness to take sometimes. While you pay a little attention to your toys, you’re still enamored by inanimate objects like ceiling fans, our media center and something in the kitchen — although we haven’t pinpointed it yet. Oh, and you know what else captures your attention? The television. Yes, we already have to tell you to stop watching television.

We have been so blessed to have your Dad at home on paternity leave for the past two months, which is pretty much unheard of. With your Dad here, we’ve managed to all stay sane despite a weird sleep schedule and maintain basic hygiene standards. You two have kicked off every morning with one another, worn weird outfits that don’t quite match and become quite the Daddy’s Girl. He had to go back to work this week, and we definitely miss him — maybe me more than you at this point. And in other job news, I officially quit mine this week to stay home with you full-time. It’s the job I have always wanted the most, and I can’t believe you’re finally here and I’m finally doing it. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet…

This past month, you celebrated your first Christmas and New Year’s and hung out with your cousin Jack for the first time. With it being winter in Chicago now, there won’t be too many more adventures on our monthly lists, but once the weather is warm, I have a whole slew of activities planned — get ready!

All in all, you are such a happy little baby, and you let us know just how happy you are when you’re awake. We are falling more in love with you every day, and we hope you’re having just as much fun discovering the life around you as we are!



Weight: 11 lbs, 11 oz — 60th percentile
Height: 23.5 in — 86th percentile
Clothing size: In 0 – 3 month clothes, exclusively, for now! However, some of her 0 – 3 month pants create a muffin top effect. So we’ve hid those away, and they’ll never come back to haunt her again!

Charlotte Likes: Talking, smiling, kisses, Mommy’s weird noises and singing, Daddy’s silly faces, sucking on her hands and her glowing sea horse from Great Grandma Pat. Favorite songs include Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks, Ho Hey by the Lumineers and Abba’s Dancing Queen.
Charlotte Dislikes: Going to the bathroom during naps, being cold after a bath and boogers in her nose (seriously, the other day, it was like the end of the world). Oh, and tummy time is still her nemesis.

Diapers: We’re still cloth diapering around here, and I’m glad we’ve stuck with it! Charlotte has suddenly, however, outgrown the small cloth diaper sizes so we are graduating to medium. Unfortunately, that means we’re having to wait for the new size to get shipped to our home so she’s been in disposables for the past few days.


Sleep: A week and a half ago, “napping” would have made it onto Charlotte’s “Dislikes” list. But she has really become MUCH better at it. That’s because I’ve finally figured out the optimal time to set her down — an hour and 15 minutes after her last nap and that includes her feeding time.

She’s still sleeping great at night! We put her down and while sometimes it takes a while for her to fall asleep, we never have to deal with a crying baby trying to go to sleep. She sleeps for stretches of five, six and very rarely seven hours at a time. I could say that we’re almost sleeping eight hours — but I’ve recently realized that I’ve been doing my nighttime feedings ALL WRONG, according to Babywise.

So we’re back to square one, which means I’m getting up twice in the night again to feed her. I wake her up the first time, and she wakes me up the second time. But I’ll detail that more in a post I’m working on about how I totally screwed up Babywise. Dang it.

Feed: Charlotte averages eight feedings a day and wakes up for food every three-ish hours. She’s still exclusively on breast milk, and now that we both have the hang of that, we’re enjoying it immensely.

Happy 2 Months, Charlotte Ruth!

One thought on “Charlotte: 2 Months

  1. everyone screws up babywise! i can’t wait to read that one! makes me feel better 🙂 also, way to go still breastfeeding. every month of that is an accomplishment!

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