Over the River…

Like Thanksgiving, we headed down to Indiana for Christmas, stopping first in Greenwood and then Evansville. Charlotte also made the trek to Ohio for the first time and met her Great Grandparents, Pat and Randy, as well as her GREAT GREAT Grandma Markwith!

With Great Grandma Pat & Great Grandpa Randy.
With Great Grandma Pat & Great Grandpa Randy.


She enjoyed meeting her Great Aunts and Uncles as well as her cousins on the Randolph side, and she also loved all of the loot from Grandma Pat. She sleeps with her little glow worm already and can’t wait to play with her puzzle in a few months — that puzzle will turn her into an official Randolph for sure (they love their puzzles).

4 generations of Randolphs.
4 generations of Randolphs.

Before heading back to Greenwood, we stopped by Great Great Grandma Markwith’s living center. It blows my mind that Charlotte has a Great Great Grandma, and we were so excited that the two of them were able to meet.



Our time in Greenwood also allowed for Ryan and myself to go out with friends and see a movie. We love, love, love spending time with our Charlotte, but it was nice to feel like regular ol’ grown ups without kids for a few hours. Thanks, Nana!

We woke up Christmas morning in Greenwood, and let’s just say Charlotte kind of missed out on the magic of it all…



…but the rest of us had fun with the mountain of presents.





Hanging out with Poppy before we head down to Evansville.
Hanging out with Poppy on Christmas morning.

Next stop…Etucky!

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