Charlotte’s First Christmas


Aaaaaand we’re back! I’ve recently discovered that getting your life back on track after Christmas takes 10 times longer with an infant than it did beforehand. We’ve only just found places for all of our gifts, taken down our tree and cleaned the apartment.

Every year since we’ve been married, Ryan and I have done our very own Christmas the night before we head home. It consists of a surf ‘n’ turf meal, wine and a gift exchange.

This year was no different — except for being able to share this night with the best present we’ve ever received — our Charlotte Ruth!

(Note to future selves: charge your camera battery before Christmas so you don’t have to use your iPhones to capture precious family moments.)


Charlotte not only slept through dinner but the opening of her gifts as well. Go figure she was her usual bright eyed, curious self as soon as her last gift was open and it was our turn.

Presents?! Boring.
Presents?! Boring.


It wasn't long before we realized that this unisex Christmas outfit wasn't bringing out Charlotte's feminine side...
It wasn’t long before we realized that this unisex Christmas outfit wasn’t bringing out Charlotte’s feminine side… we threw on Charlotte's first headband.
…so we threw on Charlotte’s first headband.

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