He’s Makin’ a List…

…checkin’ it twice! Gonna find who’s…



…and nice.


We know she’s way too little for this, but you see, she had this outfit…

And that’s how a lot of my stories throughout this first year are going to begin. Ryan and I visited our co-workers last week, and we decided to take Charlotte to visit Santa at the Macy’s on State Street while we were downtown.

Needless to say, when she realized who was holding her, she was not a fan. And like the AMAZING mother that I’ve found myself to be so far, I made Santa hold my crying baby until we got all of the photos we wanted. Granted, when your child is screaming, it’s not a whole lot.

Regardless of her behavior that day, Charlotte seems to have found herself on the “Nice List.” Tonight, we are celebrating our first Randolph Family Christmas as a family of three, and much to my surprise, Charlotte has DOUBLE the amount of presents under the tree that she was originally intended to have.

Dear “Santa,” we’ll let it slide this year because our child has no concept of presents and material things and such. But from now on, let’s try to keep ourselves in check, mkay?

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