Bumpdate: 40 Weeks

Well, hello, due date! The time has a come, but unfortunately, our baby has not. At least at this point, we know that we only have one week, max, left to wait to meet Charlotte.

Our doctor’s appointment for this week is scheduled for tomorrow, at which point we’ll set a date with our doctor to induce. Ideally, we’re hoping our doctor will schedule our induction for this Friday. She is scheduled to work in the hospital that day, and we’d just prefer that she be the one we work with on the delivery and not the doctor scheduled to work next Monday — I just never really clicked with her.

So we’ll see what the doctor says!

Size of Baby: Um…a jackfruit? I had to look it up too.
Total Weight Gain: I don’t have an exact figure, but I’m guessing I’m still the same or a pound or two heavier. Either way, I think I’ve capped out at gaining just under 30 pounds through this pregnancy.
Maternity Clothes? Same as in previous weeks.
Stretch Marks? No new stretch marks.
Sleep: Same here — tossing and turning before falling asleep but still sleeping pretty solidly through the night.

Best Moment of the Last Week: Taking walks and the feel of the crisp, November air. Seriously, I’ve loved it.
Miss Anything? At this point, not really. I know that in a few days, I won’t be pregnant anymore, and that my post-pregnant plans like losing weight, wearing cute clothes and drinking a margarita will be attainable within a matter of weeks.

Movement: Charlotte is like a bucking bronco in there. She wants out, and when she’s going crazy like that, we just encourage her to keep trying! Her movements, though, are becoming more and more painful for me. She is obviously out of room in there.
Food Cravings: Just one this past week — Nutty Bars, which you apparently can’t buy at our local Walgreens. So it had to be satisfied with Nutter Butters instead.
Any Food Aversions: Not really — again, I don’t have too much of an appetite at this point.

Gender: Girl.
Labor Signs: Saturday night, I was having contractions that were roughly 4 – 5 minutes apart, lasting about a minute for over three hours. However, they were not getting any stronger and were just merely uncomfortable. Since then, I have been having contractions throughout the day — just nothing that follows a pattern or is getting any stronger. We’ll find out about effacement and dilation at our appointment tomorrow.
Symptoms: Lower back pain, indigestion, fatigue with spurts of energy.

Belly Button? Still in! It’s a pregnancy miracle that my belly button didn’t pop.
Wedding Rings? Off.
Happy or Moody? Content. Last week, I was frustrated and impatient, but she’s going to come when she comes. So why worry?
Looking Forward To: Holding our baby girl — VERY SOON!

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