Charlotte’s Nursery

The nursery has been “under construction” for months now, but it has been so fun to take our time with this and make every detail special just for her. While there are still a few items I need to hang up or find room for, the nursery is finally done enough for me to show.

Like I mentioned in the Apartment Tour post, we did not paint any of the rooms in the apartment when we moved in. As you’ll see, this was pretty much the only room left untouched, so we needed to make up the color somehow. I’ve always loved navy and gray and knew that I wanted to incorporate those colors, but I was feeling uninspired about the “wow” color until I saw a blog post on Lay Baby Lay, which is probably the best nursery blog you’ll find out there. Surprisingly, Ryan agreed to coral right away.

In July, we actually made the first steps toward putting the nursery together by assembling a crib. When we found out that we were having a girl, there was only one crib choice for me: the Jenny Lind Crib.

Swoonworthy: when your husband builds a crib for your baby.

We then scoured Craigslist and second-hand furniture shops for a dresser/changing table. One day, each of us stumbled across the same one separately on Craigslist. Although I wasn’t 100% sold on it, we bought it from this guy who buys vintage furniture at auctions and then restores the pieces. I used the term “restore” loosely here because after purchasing the dresser, we found that he was terrible at repainting furniture. Fortunately, we were going to paint it a different color anyway.

Now that the changing table/dresser is done, I’m SO GLAD we bought this one. It’s beyond perfect both aesthetically and functionally. Everything else just seemed minor to these two pieces and don’t really have a “backstory.” So without further adieu…

This area is Charlotte’s little “book nook.” As you can see, Little Miss has so many books already so she will definitely be well read thanks to our friends and families. Her books are accompanied by a little night light we got from Ikea, a vase that I just had to have for this room from Anthropologie, her lamb bank from Deeda (aka Mama Linda) and her Potbelly Bear (I had one just like this as a kid — ask me what happened to him).

We found the glider on, of all places. It was NOT easy to find a glider that I loved that wasn’t crazily overpriced. But I finally found it, and so far, we love it. And I equally love the quilt on the glider as well. This was made for us by one of Ryan’s good friends, Katie, and we’ve deemed it Charlotte’s official baby blanket — the one that we preserve and she’s not allowed to sleep with until it’s merely shreds of fabric. Finally, the rug in this room is from my aforementioned favorite place, RugsUSA.

You all know the story of our changing table/dresser now. Above the dresser, we have a few photos from Irene Suchocki, who I’ve been obsessing over for years. Her prints just have a wanderlust whimsy about them, and they’re also affordable for someone who has been featured on many blogs and morning television programs. You can find her Etsy shop here. The other framed pieces are vintage fairy tale etchings that my mother used as part of the decor for my family shower — of course, one of these features Cinderella.

That dresser is practically overflowing with clothes. As I mentioned in our Apartment Tour post, we don’t have much closet space in this apartment. I have her 0 – 3 month clothes hanging in there currently, but everything else, along with blankets, burp cloths and cloth diapers are housed in this monstrosity of a dresser.

Finally, we have her crib area, which features her little wicker trunk that houses her toys and the mobile I made above her bed, which I found the DIY instructions for on Oh Happy Day! Josh’s girlfriend also made a mobile, but it’s a little too heavy to hang above the bed so it’s going somewhere else in the nursery.

Sorry for the overkill on the word count. We’ve just put a lot of work and thought into the nursery, and we’re just a little obsessed with it. It’s ok if you’re not.

Ok, Charlotte, it’s reeeeaaaady for whenever you are!

3 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Nursery

  1. So cute! Love it! I’m horrible and still have yet to do a nursery reveal, haha. I also follow Lay Baby Lay an have that exact same inspiration board pinned because we have a navy crib and if we ever have a girl I thought that color scheme would be cute too! Best of luck in the coming weeks….maybe days!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! From what I’ve seen of Parker’s nursery on your blog, it’s awesome. Love that you’ve pinned the same board — I just think that color scheme is awesome…and something I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Thank you for the well wishes!

  3. Love how the nursery turned out! Thanks for the kind words about the blog! The room looks perfect, and my favorite part is your redo of that dresser. Congratulations to you on your growing family!!

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