Bumpdate: 39 Weeks

It seems that our appointments these days are either exciting and positive or standstill and frustrating. Well, given that our last appointment provided us with a lot of hope, you can guess how this one went…

Please pray that we are patient in these next few days and weeks and that selfishness for wanting her out doesn’t trump wanting a healthy, happy baby and easy labor. I could really, really use that right now.

Size of Baby: We’ve hit the watermelon mark! I thought that was reserved for week 40 — maybe at that point, all of the websites and emails I receive will just say: “Your baby is the size of a baby.”
Total Weight Gain: Well, I lost four pounds from last week’s weigh in, making me the Biggest Loser this week! But in all seriousness, most of it was water weight last week. I had just eaten lunch and already consumed my eight glasses of water for the day.
Maternity Clothes? Same as in previous weeks.
Stretch Marks? No new stretch marks.
Sleep: Gone are the days of sleeping through the night and only waking once. I wake up every two to three hours at this point to go the bathroom. These nighttime wake sessions are typically accompanied by some contractions.

Best Moment of the Last Week: Celebrating our anniversary and just spending time walking, getting everything ready and hanging out with Ryan (I should add cleaning here too, although Ryan has done WAY more than me. I’m directing from the couch).
Miss Anything? My sanity — I feel like every moment is wondering whether or not she’s going to come.

Movement: Still experiencing lots of movement. Her cramped quarters haven’t slowed her down this week. In fact, she’s been very active in the past 48 hours.
Food Cravings: No strong cravings — Ryan had to run out to get ice cream, but that’s mostly been because I haven’t felt like eating anything substantial.
Any Food Aversions: For the past 48 hours, I haven’t had a huge appetite, mostly because of the nausea and indigestion I’ve been experiencing.

Hospital bag is packed and ready to go!

Gender: Girl.
Labor Signs: Still the same as last week. 70% effaced and almost two centimeters dilated. If you know anything about pelvic stations, Charlotte is at -1, meaning she is super low and just about in position to begin her descent/arrival into the world. I’ve also been having contractions for the past two days. They will be anywhere from five to 10 minutes apart, and I’ll have them for about 45 minutes — and then everything goes radio silent for a while.
Symptoms: Mid-back pain. Fatigue with occasional spurts of energy. Itchy, burning belly. Indigestion and nausea.

Belly Button? Still in!
Wedding Rings? Off.
Happy or Moody? Impatient — so probably more moody than happy.
Looking Forward To: The moment I go into labor…and my Mom coming at the end of this week!

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