Apartment Tour

One of the items on our Bucket List was to get our new place finished before Charlotte arrives. Well, check and done (Ryan’s wallet sighs in relief)!

The apartment is ready to go — and so is the nursery! I’ve had a few people ask about photos for our apartment, in general, so I’ll post those first. If you could care less about what our apartment looks like, feel free to skip this post. And Charlotte’s nursery gets its own post, which will follow shortly after!

When you walk through the front door of our apartment, we have this small entry way area as well as hallway. Our last apartment was just four rooms total, and they all fed into one another. It’s amazing how much bigger this space feels, and that’s in large part due to this hallway. We’ve also used this space as a way to showcase photos from our travels, which has been one of those long put-off projects that we’ve finally been able to make time for.

If you take a right down the long hallway, you’ll pass both the bathroom and a linen/tool closet, which by the way, I already can’t wait for a home when these things can be separated. But that’s city life — combining your linens with your tools. Anyway, the bathroom. Obviously, the standout in here is the claw foot tub. It’s not the most gorgeous, but it still adds to the overall vintage feel of the apartment. Also, I’m a big bath taker, like I take one every night, no joke. And so it has a special place in my heart.

The hallway feeds into the living room, where we spend a majority of our time. It’s a pretty narrow space for a living room, but it works nonetheless. The windows are awesome, and we get so much sunlight in this space in the afternoon. I actually made the artwork above the couch, which was a Pinterest project that I loosely based off of this DIY. I still need to sew some pillows for the sofa, but I’ll get to that…eventually.

The bookshelves at the far corner of the room are pretty much my favorite thing in the apartment.

In preparation for Little Bit, we also invested in a sleeper sofa — so guests are welcome any time! Ryan’s parents are the only ones who have slept on it so far, and they didn’t have any complaints. We’ll see how my Mom does over the next few weeks when she transitions from the Cadillac of beds, her tempurpedic, sleep number bed, to the pullout.

Our media center is a piece we picked up at a second-hand furniture store. Ryan and I are the king and queen of second-hand/flea market/vintage/thrift furniture shopping — we’re really hoping it turns into a lucrative reality show some day.

But for now, our second hand shopping days are over. We’re at max capacity when it comes to “stuff” in our apartment.

The living room feeds into the kitchen, which is just a narrow galley kitchen. However, it’s the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had since I’ve been on my own. In fact, it’s so much bigger that I occasionally let Ryan help me cook dinner, something he was never allowed to do at our last apartment because I got so claustrophobic. Maybe he now regrets getting a place with a bigger kitchen…

We are able to fit a kitchen table into the kitchen — it’s just behind where I’m taking the photo. We’ve been “trying” to get into the habit of eating at the kitchen table, something I’m going to be a stickler about when Charlotte is actually here. But mostly, if we’re being honest here, we eat in our living room from the coffee table.

Ok, at the other end of our hallway is the Master Bedroom and Charlotte’s room. As you can see, our Master Bedroom is massive — and it has a fireplace! The fireplace is definitely romantic, and a huge plus, but the few times we’ve used it, we’ve had to turn it off after 10 minutes. It really kicks out heat — but maybe we’ll be super thankful for its power come January and February in Chicago.

Some of you may really love the color on the walls in here; while others may be raising your eyebrows questioningly. We’ve seen both reactions. We actually didn’t pick any of the colors on the walls in this apartment. We went nuts in our last apartment and painted every room, and we know that our time here in this apartment is temporary until we move out of the city in two years. So we left everything the way we found it…lime green.

In this photo, you’ll also catch a glimpse of the rug that covers most of the floor space in the room. I found it on Rugs USA, and I just have to plug this site. They have a plethora of rugs, and the best part is that they almost always offer 75% off on three-day weekends or for special holidays, and until we’re super rich from our second-hand furniture shopping reality show, I probably won’t ever buy rugs anywhere else.

Through a pair of french doors, lies our office/wardrobe room. My one complaint about this apartment is the lack of closet space actually in the apartment. There is one tiny closet for the Master Bedroom, which Ryan uses. Fortunately, our landlady bought a huge wardrobe from Ikea or something that takes up an entire wall in this room. And I’m sure you all can guess who uses that…

The desk: BEFORE. And you can also see the terrible state of the rest of the office at this point.

The roll top desk is one of my favorite pieces in this room. It, too, was a second-hand fine, and it was in TERRIBLE shape — hence the fact that it was only $35. Ryan made the desk his project in July, when he took a few days off work, and I can’t believe the transformation. He stained the top piece a really dark brown, an idea we saw on HGTV, and obviously, painted the rest of the desk white. Ryan installed new tracks on the drawers and hardware so it not only looks adorable but it functions well too! I’m glad it all worked out — and that my husband is super handy.

You can also see a door leading out to a small balcony that overlooks our tree-lined street. We love having a front porch, and Darcy loves it too! We let her out there on the weekends, provided one of us is with her and she squirrel and bird watches.

Sorry if this was extremely boring, but we just adore this apartment. And I’m already glad I catalogued our time here with little stories and photos — it will be so great to look back at this space for years to come and marvel at our little, city apartment life.

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