Bumpdate: 38 Weeks (Cont.)

We had our weekly exam this afternoon, and contrary to last week, we walked out a little more hopeful that we’ll be meeting Little Miss Charlotte any day now!

But first, the bad news…I’ve gained three pounds since my visit last week! I thought I was supposed to be steadying out now and even losing weight, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The nurse had a little party for me at the scale because I hit the 150 mark. I, however, was not partying…

Anyway, a woman at work this morning remarked that my belly keeps dropping like crazy, and there was proof of her intuition at my exam today. The doctor said her head is really low; she literally exclaimed, “Whoa, her head is really low!” I’m also 70% effaced and nearly two centimeters.

At the start of the appointment, we were talking with her about scheduling an induction for November 16, but after my exam, she said she’d be surprised if we made it that far. In fact, she seemed to think that we could be meeting our baby girl next week. She also remarked that we have a very happy baby, judging by the heartbeat.

So fingers crossed, say prayers and send happy thoughts our way — we’re ready to meet you, Charlotte, and we promise you’ll be WAY happier out here in the real world!

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