Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

Drum roll…please! I am officially full term, meaning Little Bit could safely come any day now. Though my books and emails say that there is still some developing she could do in the womb from this point forward, it won’t be in any way harmful to her or me to come now.

With that, we’ve started on Operation “Get the Baby Out.” As I told Ryan, I’m not trying to have her this week, but I am trying to move things along so that hopefully, I can have her by my due date and/or not go too much later. The farthest past my due date I would go is November 19, at which point I would be induced, but I’m really hoping to be at home for Thanksgiving rather than just coming home from the hospital or still at the hospital.

So…lots of walking and other labor inducing activities are on the agenda for the Randolphs!

Size of Baby: Winter melon
Total Weight Gain: I thought I had gained around 31 pounds, but today at my doctor’s appointment, they said I’ve gained 27 — so we are totally going with that number.
Maternity Clothes? I think I’ve stopped ballooning so I’m wearing the same type of clothes I was last week. An occasional non-maternity piece but mostly maternity.
Stretch Marks? No new stretch marks.
Sleep: Ok, maybe other pregnant ladies are going to hate me for this…but I am sleeping so hard these days. Again, I toss and turn quite a bit before falling asleep, but once I’m in the zone, I’m in it. I LOVE my sleep, and I think God is just giving me a break right now and letting me indulge.

Best Moment of the Last Week: Finding out I was already dilated a bit and my office baby shower.
Miss Anything? Ok, maybe this is crazy at this point in the game, but I’m already starting to “miss” the feeling of her moving around inside me — even though she’s still in there, even though she’s still moving around just as much. I’ve been annoyed, on occasion, by her movement, but it has never lost its luster. I really delight in it.

Movement: Charlotte has her own signature move now: the starfish. There are times when it feels like she is thrusting every limb out simultaneously, into my ribs and around my sides. Other times, I can feel one arm wrapped around almost to my back — I like to think she’s hugging me when she does this.
Food Cravings: No cravings this past week!
Any Food Aversions: Chinese food.

Darcy wanted in on the action.

Gender: Girl.
Labor Signs: Unfortunately, I haven’t made any progress in terms of dilation from last week. But the doctor says that I look perfect for 37 weeks.
Symptoms: Mid-back pain, burning sensation on my abdomen from all the skin stretching, extreme fatigue, forgetfulness and reflux.

Belly Button? Still in! Ryan is winning the bet.
Wedding Rings? Off.
Happy or Moody? Oh my goodness, what emotion haven’t I experienced in the past week?! I’ve cried, been angry and anxious, all of which has been directed at Ryan. So if you see him, give him a pat on the back for surviving.
Looking Forward To: Getting through the birth process — I’m getting a little nervous about it so I just want to have it over with!

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