Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

Remember last time when I was all like, “These weeks are flying by!” Um, not so much anymore. These last two weeks have seemed to creep by, and I think my attitude has a lot to do with it. Let’s just say that 50% of my daily thoughts are consumed with counting down to our due date. I know, I know, I know — I should be reflecting on this time and enjoying the peace and calm in my life.

We also had our birth class this past Saturday at Prentice Women’s Hospital, where we’ll be delivering. Before the class, if you would have asked me if I was scared or anxious about the birthing process, I would have said with 100% confidence, “no.” But actually seeing where this is all going to go down made it more real, and therefore, a little scary. I know that everything is in God’s hands, and I’m trusting in that. I just don’t want to be one of those women who comes to the hospital, gets an epidural and then remains at 5 centimeters for 8+ hours. Seriously, that’s my biggest fear at this point.

Finally, I think I’ve officially become “tired, pregnant lady.” PJs + couch = best.time.ever right now.

Size of Baby: Cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain: 29 pounds
Maternity Clothes? For the most part. Now that it’s cooler, I’m wearing some of my non-maternity, fall clothes, but I don’t think they’re going to last much longer.
Stretch Marks? No new developments here, thank goodness.
Sleep: Oh, sleep. The bed used to be my favorite place, and now, it just makes me anxious. I sleep with five pillows now, one of which is a giant body pillow. And I toss and turn quite a bit before finally falling asleep. However, once I’m asleep, I still sleep pretty well. And Ryan is of course so patient and sweet. Every time I wake up or am tossing and turning, he’s right there to rearrange my pillows or cover me up — even at 4 a.m. He’s seriously the best, you guys.

Best Moment of the Last Two Weeks: Making great strides in the home decor department. Nesting is in full gear, and I really just want everything to be ready for when she gets here. We are so, so close — pics to come soon!
Miss Anything? A varied wardrobe and just being comfortable.

Movement: Lots of movement from Little Bit. She doesn’t let her cramped quarters limit her activity, and I’m able to feel her different body parts now, especially her little booty.
Food Cravings: No weird cravings — just sporadic little cravings at this point, like pizza, candy, cookies, lemonade…oh, and pickles. Yes, I had a pickle craving, and I hated every minute of satisfying it. (By the way, for those of you who have never been pregnant and plan to eat super healthy during pregnancy, forget it. Your baby wants the worst food ever — just control the portions!)
Any Food Aversions: Chinese food.

Gender: Girl.
Labor Signs: Very mild Braxton Hicks contractions. I also think she’s dropped a bit lower because I have to go to the bathroom all.the.time.
Symptoms: Back pain, reflux, forgetfulness, bad vision (yes, this is a legit pregnancy symptom) and fatigue.

Belly Button? Still in, but I don’t think that sucker has much longer.
Wedding Rings? Off.
Happy or Moody? If you can’t tell by now, I’ve been complaining a lot lately. At the end of the day, I know I’ve been blessed with an easy, convenient pregnancy. But after a time, you just want it to be over. I just want her to be here, to have my body back and to get into our new routine of being a family of three.
Looking Forward To: Meeting Charlotte and having her in our home. Whenever I go into her nursery, I just picture a little head with dark hair laying in the crib. Granted, she will most likely be bald until she’s two, just like her Mom, but I really want her to have hair!

3 thoughts on “Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

  1. Thanks so much, Abbe! I don’t think a pregnant lady can hear that enough — because you definitely don’t feel that way a majority of the time.

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