I Do Declare, Charleston is Lovely

Before we even found out we were expecting, we had made it a goal to get down to Charleston, South Carolina to visit our friends, Zack and Amy, this year. They moved down to Charleston last year and just recently, bought a house.

Special appearance….by Minnie, the sweetest dog ever!

Charleston is everything you anticipate it to be — Southern, picture perfect, hospitable and hot. We spent our weekend there exploring the downtown area on foot and by historic carriage ride, eating lots of good food and shopping in the touristy market by the harbor.

Now a Bed and Breakfast, this home was a gift from a father to his daughter for her wedding day. Not too shabby.
The father’s house, just up the street.

Rainbow Row
Folly Beach

We also made it out to one of the local plantations, Magnolia Plantation. It was probably the hottest day of my life, but the grounds were beautiful, nonetheless. It was so interesting to hear about the evolution of that particular property; how the house we were seeing was actually the third version thanks to the “War Between the States,” fire and total loss of family fortune. For a girl that spent her high school years reading Southern Christian romance novels (they were so good!), the visit to the plantation definitely challenged my romanticized visions of plantation living (I mean, how did those women survive wearing petticoats and hoop skirts in that heat?! #civilwareraproblems).

Dream come true: petting deer at the Plantation petting zoo.
Our hosts, Zack and Amy, in the plantation gardens.

The house.
Evidently, this is the most photographed bridge in the South.

We ended our time with Zack and Amy out at Shem Creek, a beautiful marshy area in Mt. Pleasant where you can spot dolphins, fish for crabs and lust after sailboats, yachts…and shrimp boats, if that’s your thing.

Thanks so much, Zack and Amy, for hosting us and making sure we had an amazing time in Charleston. We already can’t wait to come back again…preferably during the winter months.

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