Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

I don’t know if this dress is going to make it to 40 weeks!

Man, these weeks are flying by! When I contemplate on the fact that I have eight-ish weeks left, it feels like forever. But looking back at the past four weeks has been a blur.

Size of Baby: Jicama
Total Weight Gain: 27 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Yes
Stretch Marks? Tiny white marks that can only be seen in direct sunlight. Yes, that’s pretty weird.
Sleep: For being a full seven months pregnant, I think I’m still sleeping extremely well. I’m only getting up once each night to use the restroom. Any other time I’m awake, it’s to fight Darcy off from stepping all over my abdomen.

Best Moment of the Last Two Weeks: So many things…my sister’s baby showers in Evansville, watching my sisters watch my own belly moving all around and making our last trip anywhere before Charlotte is here.
Miss Anything? I don’t necessarily miss alcohol…but I just really want a margarita! Oh…and I miss my neck.

Movement: Our Little Bit is definitely going through different cycles of being awake and being asleep. When she’s awake, she is moving quite a bit now, and sometimes pretty aggressively. Poor thing also gets the hiccups at least once a day now!
Food Cravings: Still no weird cravings.
Any Food Aversions: Still just Chinese food, and sometimes, vegetables.

Cute photo of the week: Darcy took a nap the other night on my belly, with her two front paws hugging either side. Charlotte occasionally punched her through my stomach. Let’s hope Darcy is as tolerant when Charlotte is out of the womb.

Gender: Girl.
Labor Signs: I don’t know if I’m having official Braxton Hicks yet, but there are times throughout the day when I feel tightening. They are just very dull though.
Symptoms: Mid-back pain (my constant companion), extreme forgetfulness, heartburn and shortness of breath.

Belly Button? Still in.
Wedding Rings? Off.
Happy or Moody? Happy, for the most part.
Looking Forward To: No more trips anywhere until Thanksgiving so we finally get to enjoy some weekends at home — just the two of us.

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