Alpha Phi Baby Shower

The weekend following our Evansville showers was spent in Indianapolis at the summer Phiunion and my final baby shower for Charlotte. For those of you that don’t know, I was in a sorority in college, and my pledge class is extremely close to this day. We try to get together three or four times a year at what we call our “Phiunions.” And yes, we are teased mercilessly by our “unphilevable” husbands for still referring to our reunions in such a way.

The baby shower was shared with Ashley, a girl that I actually roomed with the first semester of my junior year of college in Alpha Phi. Who would have thought back then that we’d be having baby girls within a week or so of one another?! Life is just crazy.

Our friends, Sherise and Liz, planned the shower at Mesh on Mass Ave in downtown Indy, and we shared a brunch that was reminiscent of Alpha Phi breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Though Ashley and I may not be living out Friday and Saturday night shenanigans, a few of the other girls still are, and it was just like old times hearing their stories of the night before.

The gift giving started out with a onesie guessing game. Each guest brought a onesie, and we had to guess who it was from. I have to say that Ashley and I did a pretty awesome job, despite the stress we put on ourselves to get it all right. After, we opened the rest of the gifts, each with a book for the babies instead of a card. These two little ones are going to be so well-read!

It was such a cute shower, and we can’t thank Liz and Sherise enough for the work they put into making it special for us! I’m so thankful that even after five years, my Phi sisters are my best friends and that every time I see them, we all just pick up where we left off. We had such an amazing time with one another in college, and those memories still continue through new jobs, new cities, marriages and now babies. I can only hope that Charlotte finds the same solid group of friends…you know, when she attends DePauw…and joins Alpha Phi. No pressure, Little Bit.

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