Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

Technically, this photo was taken at 31 weeks — consider it a glimpse into the future.

Size of Baby: Cucumber
Total Weight Gain: 25 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Yes
Stretch Marks? Ok, I’ve officially spotted a few white stretch marks on my side, but they don’t look as if they threaten to stay around for life.
Sleep: Back pain is definitely making it hard to rest comfortably. Still only getting up to go to the bathroom one to two times per night.

Best Moment of the Last Two Weeks: Babymoon in Charleston and Hilton Head. Ryan and I had a great week traveling for two and relaxing by the pool!
Miss Anything? Being skinny.

Movement: The movement has shifted from little kicks and punches to feeling her entire body move en masse. It’s a little terrifying to see my entire stomach moving around.
Food Cravings: Still no weird cravings.
Any Food Aversions: Chinese food — in fact, I smelled it for the first time in a while yesterday and nearly lost my lunch.

Gender: Girl — which we confirmed for a third time at our last ultrasound.
Labor Signs: Thankfully, the super painful uterine contractions I was experiencing just a few weeks ago have not come back. For now, just feeling an occasional, dull contraction.
Symptoms: Mid-back pain that is getting worse each day, easily short of breath and occasional round ligament pains.

Belly Button? Still in.
Wedding Rings? Off.
Happy or Moody? Definitely happier — no crazy mood swings these past two weeks, which Ryan is also loving.
Looking Forward To: Meeting Baby Charlotte and no more back pain!!!

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