Knight & Westwood Church Baby Showers

The weekend after the Randolph family shower, Ryan and I headed down to Evansville for a two-for-one shower weekend. My Mom threw a shower for Charlotte on Saturday, and my Aunt Karen, with help from my Aunt Rachel and cousins, threw a shower for us after church on Sunday.

If you know me at all, you know I absolutely love fairy tales, magic, Disney, etc. So it was only fitting that my Mom threw a fairy-tale themed shower for me. The decor was whimsical, with vintage fairy tale etchings displayed on the tables, lanterns with tea lights and lots of baby’s breath and pink roses. Marmee also got quite creative with the menu.

Again, Charlotte was spoiled with lots of “pretty little clothes” (apparently, my exact words at the shower), toys (including her first tea set!) and her car seat. It was such a relaxing evening with my aunts and cousins, and I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve provided already!

The next day, after church at Westwood, the women of Westwood showered Charlotte once more. There was lots and lots of delicious food as well as some words of wisdom passed down from my Grandma through my Aunt Karen. She told me not to set any expectations for Charlotte, and all of the other children we have as well, because what God does in their life will be far more than my expectations could ever conceive. She also pointed out that when we do set expectations for our children, it breaks our heart the day they are not met. For a person that loves planning and day dreaming of the future as much as I do, I really needed to hear that.

After the short devotion, I opened presents from women who have been in my life from the very beginning. To think that these women have known me and watched me grow up and are now providing for my own daughter is more than enough to make me get a little choked up. One of the women who made a baby blanket for me 27 years ago made one for Charlotte too. Another woman whose house I practically lived in while her granddaughter was visiting each summer said the blessing over our baby girl. It was a very touching shower and just reaffirmed that though I live over 300 miles away, Westwood is and will always be my true Church home.

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