Final Ultrasound

Yesterday, we had our final ultrasound, meaning next time we see our Little Bit, it will be in the flesh. And let me tell you, that is just crazy.

Little Miss clocked in at just over three pounds, literally a very average weight for where we are in the process. I totally blanked on asking how long she is, so that’s unfortunate. She’s currently upside down now, meaning she’s positioned herself to be ready for delivery time. Now, I just need to get myself ready.

Oh yes, and we confirmed that she is a girl…for the third time.

It seems that she’s perfectly healthy, and that the only thing we have to “worry” about is her being a little temperamental. Last time we went in for an ultrasound, we really struggled to get a good look at her face, and this time was no different. She had her arms in front of her face again, and even after some moving around on my part, she managed to bury her face in the placenta — even better!

I made a mental note to swaddle the heck out of her when she first gets here so we can see that pretty little face as much as possible. As we were leaving the ultrasound, I optimistically said to Ryan, “She did great today!” To which he shrugged, and sort of defeated-sounding said, “She did all right.”

I have a feeling we’ll be having that exchange for years to come — after recitals, soccer games and report card reveals. I can’t wait.

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