My Favorite Thing

…about this pregnancy, so far, has been feeling all of the kicks, squirms and even hiccups. These feelings just confirm the miracle that’s taking place right now, and I’m totally and completely in love with that feeling of her moving around at all hours of the day.

Some kicks are uncomfortable, others are indication of a future kickboxing champion, and every once in a while, the movements lead me to think there is an octopus in there instead of a baby. When that happens, I flash forward to 13 years from now when the whole house is literally shaking from her dancing and pretending in her room with the door closed — “What are you doing in there?!”

I just wish I could share the feeling of Little Bit moving with everyone. I want to tell my non-pregnant friends that these movements alone make this so worth it already, and I want to grab every person’s hand and hold it to my side when she’s really kicking big time. Do you feel that? Isn’t that amazing? That’s my little girl in there!

So if I see any of you throughout the rest of this pregnancy, feel free to cop a feel — of my belly. It’s awesome, and I want you to share in this. Even though I know it won’t mean as much to you as it does to myself and Ryan, it’s pretty incredible, nonetheless.

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