SF Trip: Mt. Tam & Muir Woods

We booked a late flight out on Sunday so that we could take advantage of a few more hours in the Bay Area. The goal for the day was to make it to Muir Woods, a place on Ryan’s personal bucket list.

On our way to Muir Woods, we stopped on the east peak of Mt. Tamalpais, or Mt. Tam, and made a short hike to the top of the peak. My regular self would have had no problem with this hike; however, pregnant Kathryn huffed and puffed so hard that she could have blown a house down. True story.

But it felt GOOD! So good. And the views up top were well worth it.

Views from the top of Mt. Tam

Our next stop was Muir Woods. I had been before on a trip with my parents in eighth grade, but Ryan has always been dying to see the giant redwoods. Although it would have been nice to hike in the forest for an hour or so, we were kind of limited on time. So we stuck to the touristy board walk and had fun along the way.

We closed out our visit to San Francisco at Scoma’s in Sausolito, where we both indulged in a bread bowl of clam chowder, a tradition of mine every time I visit the city on the bay.

Obviously, we both had an amazing time, and it made us look forward moreso to our trip to Charleston to see Zack and Amy as well as our Babymoon to Hilton Head over Labor Day Weekend! But for now, we’re just going to relax at home and gear up for showerpalooza, i.e. four baby showers in three weekends.

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