Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

Size of Baby: Guess what?! We’ve graduated from fruit — Little Bit is now the size of an ear of corn.
Total Weight Gain: 21 pounds — today, the doctor made the comment that I’ve experienced my “surge” in weight. She says I should steady out now at a pound per week — keeping my fingers crossed that she’s right!

I definitely look pregnant from every angle, which means I’m totally judging those people on the CTA who don’t give up their seat to me. Jerks.

How I’m Feeling (Physically): Still experiencing that upper back pain. I’m also sick for the first time ever during this pregnancy and learning that recovering from a silly little cold takes a LOT longer when you’re pregnant.
How I’m Feeling (Emotionally): Pretty good — no mood swings. I am starting to look toward the end of this pregnancy and what comes with that. I’m not necessarily anxious about childbirth, but rather, what comes after. What to Expect While You’re Expecting doesn’t exactly portray the few days and weeks after childbirth in the best light — I really hope they’re exaggerating.

Positives: We are in full-on nesting mode! Pretty soon, the place will be ready for an apartment tour, which I’ll of course share here. And we’ll conclude with Charlotte’s nursery — it’s all planned out in my head; we just have to get everything we need to nursery-fy the room.
Negatives: I’ve definitely hit a “bump slump,” as I’m calling it. I’m ready to not have constant back pain when sitting for longer than five minutes. And I want my body back — but I know Little Bit must stay in there for 16 WEEKS #@%&!!! a little longer so that she’s perfectly healthy when she gets here.

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