Why Bother — from Larissa at prayforian.com

A few months ago, John Piper’s daily Desiring God appeared in my inbox with the inspiring story of Larissa and Ian. College sweethearts, Larissa and Ian had begun to talk about getting engaged when Ian was in a terrible car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

After the accident, he and Larissa not only wrestled with his recovery and therapy but also with whether or not they should continue with the plan they had been contriving together to get married.

Well, long story short, the two got married, and Larissa shares their life and faith through her blog, prayforian.com. I read a lot of blogs, and I have yet to come across something so authentically and beautifully written as well as rich in material, inspiration and hope in Christ.

One of her more recent posts really struck me as it spoke to the power of marriage and the commitment that a husband and wife make to one another for the rest of their lives. Though their marriage is different from most, I think every married person still wrestles with the same thoughts from time to time; but eventually, those of us who view our marriage as being sanctified by God and the commitment “made in faith” come to this conclusion. But Larissa states it so perfectly that I had to share…

…what if i ruin my marriage? what if i become so bitter that i don’t even like my husband anymore? what if we never have relief from this?

recently as these thoughts were pummeling through my head, i think God cleverly and gently reminded me that leaving is not an option. i have made a covenant. and so spending time thinking on these fears was only producing in my heart a growing thought pattern that may someday build up to significant bitterness toward my spouse. significant bitterness that would feel trapped inside a covenant. it is not an option for our marriage to end. this is it. we’re in it. it’s too late to spend time on doubts and fears. like our wise dad told us before he passed away, someday we would have to look back on our decision to get married and know that we did it in faith, 10, 20, 50 years from now.

and this covenant is not meant to be a trap, so why waste my time there? i pray for good days and good thoughts toward my husband. and God does answer them. some days feel grueling (more to come another post on that) but even in the grinding, God can and will produce a sweetness for us. because He designed marriage. and he already has.”

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