Little Kicks, Big Kicks

Baby Ear
Baby Palm (my favorite) with a look at the umbilical cord too

I felt Little Bit’s first flutters at around 16 or 17 weeks, and since about 20 weeks, I feel her on a very consistent basis. But the past few days, Little Bit’s kicks have been quite “aggressive.”

To me, it feels like I’m going down a small dip on a rollercoaster, and they’ve gotten so strong that even Ryan was able to feel her kicking one night. To him, it just felt like little bubbles popping, but he could feel her nonetheless.

Yesterday, we had another ultrasound. We’re involved in a study that is taking place at 10 of the nation’s top hospitals, which are hoping to find a correlation between the mother’s family history and environment and how it may or may not relate to early births and low birth weights. With the study, we receive two to three additional ultrasounds for free, most of which are done in 4D.

Unfortunately, the 4D photos are very fuzzy, but seeing the “real Charlotte” was so, so amazing. For the first time, though, she was being shy! She had her arms up in front of her face for most of the ultrasound, but we were able to get an occasional glimpse of her nose and mouth. And for a Little Bit that is literally skin and bones at this point, she has the chubbiest, cutest baby hands!

Nana Ali was able to go to the ultrasound with us, and it was so exciting for us to get to experience her initial reactions on seeing Little Bit for the first time “in person.” Our little one is so blessed to be coming into the world to such a loving family, both on the Randolph side and the Knight side. She’s going to be one love-spoiled little girl (and yes, we got a second confirmation that she is indeed a girl.).

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