Dear Charlotte,

It’s you, it’s you, it’s you, it’s you! I have been dreaming and wishing and planning for you for so long, so you can only imagine the tears of joy I shed when I found out today that I was going to be able to meet you in November. I think I scared the technician with my overzealous reaction, but whatever. It’s you!

Looks like you got my nose, Little Bit!

You were being quite uncooperative during the first 45 minutes of the ultrasound, but after I stood up and moved around for a bit, we finally got the position we were looking for. Though the ultrasound tech knew that you were a girl for a while, she kept dropping context clues that implied you were a boy. So you can imagine the surprise of everyone in that room (me, your Dad and Marmee) when she showed us your anatomy and explained what we were seeing.

Don’t worry, Charlotte. I’ll teach you everything I know.

On top of finding out your gender today, we also discovered that you are perfect in every way — very healthy and weighing in at just under a pound. In fact, the technician said you put on quite a show for us today and gave the doctors some great photos to assess, which I’m convinced means you’ll have lots of great senior photo poses in your future.

I have to admit that I had a feeling you were a little girl, but it’s not something I wanted to be dead set on. In the event that you were a boy, I wanted to be just as excited. Though your Dad and I pray for you every single day, there was one morning in church when I was praying especially hard for you. During the prayer, I just had this overwhelming confidence that you were a girl. In fact, it was a very similar feeling to the one I had when I realized your Dad and I were meant to be together.

In essence, what I’m trying to say here is that there is a divine purpose and plan for you and that you wholly belong to the Lord. Though you are His, we are so excited that He’s blessed us with the gift of being your parents and can’t wait for our lives to begin together.

Here’s to Disney princesses, dress up and having your Dad wrapped around your little finger! We love you so much, little girl!


6 thoughts on “GENDER REVEAL: It’s a…

  1. Kathryn, that was beautiful! Charlotte is so blessed to have you and Ryan as her parents. You two will be wonderful and I can’t wait for you to start your journey together as your family grows to 3!! Love you all so much,

  2. I couldn’t be more excited and happy for you both! That little girl will change your life forever and in ways you could never imagine. I love you both!

  3. Congratulations to the both of you. It’s so much fun! Best Wishes! Cathy Ping (Ryan’s childcare provider)

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