Do You Know What You’re Having Yet?!

Warning: this post is a long one but a fun one, I promise.

This question typically follows, “Oh — you’re pregnant!” It’s the first question anyone wants to know, and at this point in the game, Ryan and I are dying to know too.

Well, the countdown is most definitely on for NEXT WEEK when we, Lord willing, find out if it’s the little boy of our dreams or the little girl of my our dreams. Ryan has brought up that our entire mentality of this pregnancy is going to change with the knowledge of whether we’re having a firstborn son or a firstborn daughter — we will really be able to picture him/her and what we “think” life will be like with our first child.

But to bide the time until we find out for sure, we’re cataloging various wives tales to see what they predict.

1. Does Your Baby Hang Low?
Unfortunately, so much of my research indicates that people have long forgotten where the baby sits if he is a boy or she is a girl. I’m just going to use my friend, Kara, as my standard for this one. She is carrying a boy, and he is up high in my opinion. I think in comparison, my bump is low. GIRL

My mom also said that there is a wives tale that says if you’re carrying narrow, it’s a boy, and wide if it’s a girl. In that case…BOY

2. How the Heart Behaves
If the baby’s heartbeats per minute are in the 140s, it means girl. If they’re in the 130s, chances are more likely that he’s a he. Each time we’ve heard the heartbeat, it’s holding steady in the 140s. GIRL

3. Sugar & Spice or Salty & Sour
I’ve never really been a sweets person, but there has definitely been an uptick in the amount of sweet cravings I’m having. For instance, the other day, I just wanted to Pac-Man my way through a wedding cake. However, my honest-to-goodness, totally bizarre cravings have been for salty foods, like Cheese Its, muffulettas and any party dish that my Mom makes. Hold a pickle in front of me, though, and I want to gag. BOY

4. The Chinese Have All Kinds of Calendars
There are a lot of Chinese birth charts out there on the web, and I think I’ve tried all of them. Half of them said boy; half of them said girl. Ryan did it once, and his result was a girl. So we’re just going to go with that since my results became a little skewed. GIRL

5. The Mayans Also Have a Lot of Calendars
The Mayans used to say that if your age of conception and year you conceived were both even or both odd, you were having a girl. If one was odd and one was even, that meant a little boy was on the way. Well, I was 26 when I conceived in the year 2012. But let’s just say that if the Mayans are really right about everything, we only get to enjoy a family of three for about a month…waa-waa. GIRL

6. Spot On
If you’re breaking out a lot, this wives tale claims you’re having a little girl — and she’s stealing all of your beauty! If that’s the case, little one, we are going to have an Evil Queen/Snow White situation on our hands like you wouldn’t believe. Because at this point, I’ve had more than my fair share of unsightly, hard-to-hide blemishes. GIRL

7. Put a Ring on It
This is probably one of the most well-known wives’ tales. The theory goes that when you tie your wedding ring to a piece of string and hold it in front of your belly, depending on which way the ring moves, you’re having a boy or girl — forward and back for girl; side to side for a boy. We did the test twice, and both times, had the same result. GIRL

8. You’re Making Me Sick
If you have crazy, awful morning sickness, then a girl is on the way. If you have little to no morning sickness, you can expect a little boy. I was only nauseous during the first trimester, thank goodness. BOY

Looks like GIRL is victorious from a wives tale perspective, but we’ll find out the real outcome soon enough. I’ve had two dreams that the baby is a girl — but there are several people who insist emphatically that they just “feel” this is a boy.

Share your guess with us too! What do you think: boy or girl for the Randolphs?!

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